Eve Online Agent Changes

With the released of the Incursion 1.5 patch comes some changes to Eve Online’s agent system.  The biggest change is the consolidation of the 21 divisions into 4 main divisions, which are Distribution, Mining, Security and Research.  Each division  now gives out only one type of mission, meaning you won’t have to decline that occasional mining or courier mission when all you want to do is blow stuff up.

Connection skills have also been consolidated from 7 to 3, Distribution, Mining and Security Connections. The used skill points will be refunded to players so they can redistribute them as they see fit. Each grants a 10% bonus to LP gain per level for its namesake division. These new skills are all rank 2, as opposed to the old rank 1 skills (meaning these new ones take twice as long to train), since there are roughly half as many to train now.

For more information about the Eve Online agent changes you can check the official Eve page.


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