EVE Online: Crucible Trailer

The latest Eve Online expansion Crucible is now live and today we have the official trailer for it.

Eve Online: Crucible introduces three new battlecruisers, three new Captains Quarters, brings backs engine trails, a massive graphics update, time dilation and many more UI improvements and balance changes.

Crucible marks the 15th free expansion to Eve Online, which is quite a feat in itself. I gotta say, CCP makes some kick ass trailers although everytime I watch one I wish Eve had real flight combat.

Check out the Eve Online: Crucible trailer below.


  1. If this game had proper in flight controls I dont think I would ever need another game.

    As it is, for me, the drop down menu controls make it rather meh.

  2. But when you think some of these more commonly flown vessels, like battlecruisers and battleships are 5 to 15 football fields in size, it suddenly makes much more sense to pilot these ships using tactical, maneuvers and commands rather than using a twitch based, fighter style approach.

  3. Hmm hadn’t thought of that – I agree twitch based flight for battlecruisers would be daft – but in a similar vein tactical manouvers & commands for smaller single man ships also doesnt sit quite right.

    But ………… Why chose one method, seems the perfect solution would be to mix the two- twitch based flight controls for fighters, tactical manouevers & commands for battlecruisers & battleships. It would fit perfectly, on such big ships you would expect everything to be more automated – whilst on smaller ships you would expect more direct control. Mix it in with the gorgeous EvE universe……

    Wow we are geniuses – Between us we have just come up with the most perfect game recipe ever!

    Oh for the love of god Please! Please! Please! somebody do this!!

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