EVE Online: Incursion in November 2010

CCP has announced the launching of Incursion, next EVE Online expansion, in November 2010. This time, EVE players will have to face the attacks of the Sansha’s Nation and its utopia dreams. Public fleets can be set up to fight against this new danger, trying to balance the universe once more, getting good bounties and loyalty rewards.

With the expansion, several improvements will come for the game, thanks to the Council of Stellar Management, as well as some upgrades to hardware and software focused in making battles performance even better. In addition to this, Incursion will bring updates to character creation with CCP’s Carbon character technology, new ships, improvements to the NPCs AI, events, an easier system for Planetary Interaction and a better EVEGate website, that includes new forums.

“Incursion marks a point where our PVE experience moves towards the co-operative roots of EVE and the largest introduction of our Carbon Technology platform to date. Never before have so many players and developers contributed to EVE’s living universe”

EVE Online could be even better, if that’s possible, with the next Incursion expansion.


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