EVE Online: Incursion 1.2 Update Deployed


Late last year, EVE Online launched the Incursion expansion that introduced a host of new features to its resident space pilots. CCP experimented with staggered releases for Incursion, spreading out its massive content that ranged from a new character creator to the arrival of Sansha’s Nation, a particularly nasty enemy faction, over two whole months.

This method of smaller but more frequent content releases and updates proved popular among the player base that it was adopted as a new paradigm by CCP. The new Incursion 1.2 update released today continues in this vein, introducing minor but much-appreciated “quality of life” improvements.

In broad strokes, Incursion 1.2 smoothed out the kinks of clone usage, removed user interface annoyances like having to open containers before being able to drop items into them, and minor balancing adjustments to Incursions. For the full list of the roughly 20 convenient upgrades that came with Incursion 1.2, read the full dev blog notes here.