Eve Online's Virtual Store Under Fire

The latest update to Eve Online, Incarna, went live yesterday introducing a new micro-transaction store, called the Noble Exchange, where players could buy vanity items for their characters.  Eve Online players expressed their concern prior to the release of the update to CCP about whether items that effect gameplay would eventually be introduced.  CCP replied stating they would not and would be strictly cosmetic items.

A day after the release of Incarna an internal newsletter from CCP was leaked that showed more items being added to the Noble Exchange which do effect gameplay.  “Not all virtual purchases [in EVE Online] will focus on customization: some will simply be new items, ammunition, ships, etc. that can be purchased outright.” The leaked document also mentioned the possibility of buying faction standings.

What’s more is that the items are extremely expensive.

The Noble Exchange uses a new currency, different from ISK, called Aurum.  Aurum can only be obtained by converting PLEX, which has a ratio of 1 PLEX to 3500 Aurum.  PLEX can be obtained in two ways, it can be either purchased for $19.99 in real money or can purchased using ISK at the cost of about 400 million.

Got that…no, here’s a simple conversion chart.

1 PLEX = 400 Million ISK or $19.99 (real money)
1 PLEX = 3500 Aurum

The items in the leaked internal newsletter are listed below, displaying their Aurum costs, which is then converted into PLEX, dollars and ISK.

Exchange Rate: 3500 AUR = 1 PLEX = $17.50 = 400 mil isk at Jita (New Eden main trade hub).

  • Looking Glass Ocular implant – 12k AUR -> 3.5 PLEX -> $61.25 ->1.4 Bil ISK
  • Men’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Shirt – 3.6k AUR -> 0.97 PLEX -> $16.97 -> 388 Mil ISK
  • Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse – 3.2K AUR -> .91 PLEX -> $16.00 -> 364 Mil ISK
  • Men’s ‘Comando’ Pants – 3k AUR -> .85 PLEX -> $15 -> 340 Mil ISK
  • Women “Impress” Skirt – 3.6k AUR -> 0.97 PLEX -> $16.97 -> 388 Mil ISK
  • Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse – 4.4k AUR -> 1.25 PLEX -> $22.00 -> 504 Mil ISK
  • Men’s ‘Precision’ Boots – 1k AUR -> 0.28 PLEX -> $5.00 -> 112 Mil ISK
  • Women’s ‘Greave’ Knee-Boots – 2.4K AUR -> 0.68 PLEX -> $12.00 -> 272 Mil ISK

(the above conversions were from EveNews24 who used a lower $17.50 conversion rate for PLEX)

The leaked document, which dates from May 2011, has not yet been confirmed as authentic and no reply from CCP has been given.  We’ll keep you updated.

Source: EveNews24

Update: The newsletter has been confirmed to be real.


  1. It really just boils down to this: IF you are playing. You are stupid. put your next $60 to a reallife purpose, like medical research or something. Not your stupid addiction that is stupid.

  2. Good grief… now CCP expects us to shell out real money and or game time earning fake money to dress up our avatars like Barbie???

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