EverQuest II Lore: Lodizal the Divine Turtle and Nipik the Chosen Othmir


EverQuest II just launched its new Destiny of Velious expansion, and the game is proving to have an interesting cast of creature NPCs.

Lodizal is a giant ferry turtle that serves as the transport leading to the continent of Velious. More than 600 years old, Lodizal is a native of the frigid Iceclad Ocean and has been around long enough to witness the turbulent Age of Cataclysms and Age of Turmoil. Plenty have attempted to hunt the legendary turtle probably for his prized meat and impentrable shell, but he remains elusive to captors because of his divine powers handed down by Ocean Lord Prexus himself.

Also standing guard over Lodizal is Nipik, the longest-living Othmir in history. Nipik had fled the Cobalt Scar along with his people after it was devastated by the Rending. In their new home at Velious, Nipik found out that his premonitions of the Rending disaster was given by Prexus, the same god that protected Lodizal. It became clear to the wise Othmir that he was chosen to help Lodizal ferry new adventurers to the shores of Velious according to the wishes of the ocean lord.

In-game, Lodizal and Nipik serve as nifty throwbacks to the original EverQuest game where the turtle served as rare spawn. While players now won’t be able to wipe on the giant turtle, they can still take screenshots atop his spiked shell like they always did back in the original game. Better yet, have that screenshot framed and placed alongside your Lodizal plushie displayed in your house or guild hall.