Evony Review


I’m sure over the last week or so you have seen the Evony ads everywhere, I know I have, there’s probably one showing right now.  Well after seeing them a million times or so I decided what the hell, I’m not playing any MMO right now, so I’ll go check it out.

Evony is a free 2 play browser based MMORTS game where you slowly build up your city and try to expand your territory.   The game starts you off with a empty town with only a Town Hall and it’s your job to build it up into a striving city, build an army and conquer additional lands.  Everytime you do anything in the game, build a structure, research a new technology, march your army, a timer shows up showing how long it will take.   So for instance creating a Barracks might take 5 mins, but every additional level will take longer and longer.  Currently my barracks is at lev5 so the next upgrade for me will take 1 hr 29 mins.  Evony Account.

City Building

Evony restricts construction to 1 building per city, so even if you have the resources you cannot construct or upgrade more than 1 building at a time.  I’m actually a big fan of this system as it no longer depends on how long you play the game, instead it’s how often you play.   Checking up on the progress  a few times a day gets you much more than someone sitting there for 2 hrs straight.  There is no building queue, so you need to manually select and build or upgrade each structure yourself.

cityhttp://www.lorehound.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=1336&message=7# town

Each territory you own is split into two parts, the town and the city.  The town is made up of all residential, business and military building, such as the Town Hall, Market, Barracks, Academy, etc, and is protected by the castle walls.  The city is outside the protective walls and contains your resource buildings, farms, lumber mills, quarrys and iron mines.

It basically works like any other RTS game you’ve ever played.  You gather resources to construct or upgrade buildings, research technology, and to build an army.

City & Hero Management

Apart from just gathering resources and building/upgrading things, there is also city management.  It doesn’t get too complicated and you can learn everything you need to know in about 5-10 mins.  City Management deals with your tax rate, making sure your population remains loyal and assigning a mayor to your city.

Once you have created an Inn, you can hire a Hero unit who can either lead your army or become a Mayor.  Each Hero unit has 3 stats, politcs, attack and intelligence.  A hero with higher politcs means your cities resource production will be higher where as a higher attack means your army will have a higher attack rating.  Intelligence shortens the time it takes to research a new technology.  So you can see that some hero’s are better suited as a Mayor than as a General.

Once you have a Hero and army, they will start to eat up resources as well.  A hero must be paid a monthly fee and an army will need to eat so you’ll start losing food resources.  If you’re army is outside attacking you will lose food twice as fast, so you always want to make sure to return your troops as fast as possible once they have completed their mission.

As your city grows you will also gain Prestige points which is basically a rating of how well your cities are compared to other players.  You also have a Rank and Title, the higher the rank and title the more cities you can control.


Once you have created an army you’re ready to attack, however it’s important to scout the area first to find out the strenght of your opponent.  Once you have scouted the area, you’ll find out exactly how many and what type of troops are located there.  If you feel confident, you can then attack.

In the below image, I am attacking a open field to receive a bonus of 7% to my stone production for as long as I hold that field.


As fun as attacking people and NPCs is, the combat system is completely f*cked up and makes zero scense to the point that it almost ruins the entire game.  Allow me to explain.

Yesterday I attacked the same location twice because I was farming for reward medals. Medals are used to reward your hero or for promotion quests, which I’ll get into more later.  Here is the defending armys strenght on both attacks.

Enemy Army
142 Warriors (very weak unit)
32 Archers
48 Pikemen

On my first attack I had:

Attack 1
115 archers

I won the fight, but lost 65 archers.

Attack 2
25 Swordmen
20 Pikemen
115 Archers

The results?  I lost not only 65 archers, but all my swordmen and pikemen.  WTF?!   That makes no sense, how could a smaller army of only archers do better?  After a few more attacks I realized that melee units are 100% useless, they will only increase your casualties and waste your resources so I have been building archer only armies since.

I’ve also read on the Evony forums that there are major balance issues when attacking castle walls.  As far as I’m concerned the combat system is sh*t and needs to be completly redone.

Special Items & Medals

Evony use the microtransaction business model to make money, so there are many items you can buy, for real money, that will help you along in the game.  Items can range from things that subtract from build times, ranging from 15 min to 8 hrs to 30% reduction in build times.   Other items will boost production or combat effectiveness for a certain amount of time.  There are also medals that you gain from conquering land, these medals can be used to either boost your hero stats or to promote yourself via Promotion Quests.


There are quests in Evony, however they are progress only quests.  For example, your Town Hall reaches lev 5 or you obtained 10,000 prestige points.   I like to think of them as achievments instead of quests.


After a few days of playing I can say I’m enjoying this game a lot more than I thought I was going to.   Working infront of a computer all day, it gives me something enjoyable to do and doesn’t really take much time to play.  I have a dual monitor setup so I have Evony on one screen and can see when the timers run out so I can pick what I’m going to do next.  This is not a time-sink type of game, it’s sort of like checking your e-mail or Facebook a few times a day, 2-3 mins and you’re good to go.  But they do have to  fix the combat system, it’s retarded and can destroy the game if it’s not fixed in a resonable amount of time.


  1. Do not play this game. Hackers/exploiters and coin buyers have ruined any balance this game could have had. Its not about skill in this game, its “Whoever buys the most coins and uses bots that the game says is unfair” wins. Youll spend 3 months just building your towns and learning at the academy, just to have someone that spent that entire 3 months automated with Evo Bot scripts and using speed ups to demolish you. Dont bother writing to their “Contact Us” department, You never get a response. Ever. Have it in mind to save your towns? Wont happen unless you plan on never sleeping to bring your towns loyalty back up every 15 minutes against someone that is using a bot to automatically attack you 5 times a minute. You may as well pay for a legitimate game instead of one that is run by illegal wow gold sales.

  2. I have been playing Evony for a long time and think that it is such a great game. The game is based on Greek times. Each player starts out under BP(Begginer Protection) which gives you 7 days or until you upgrade your Town Hall to level 4 to grow and become strong. The player has to grow in Prestige which is the main point of the game. You can join an alliance or create your own by building an Embassy. My friends and I give this Game 5 out of 5 stars because it is just a great game. The only thing bad about it that it’s based on real time so if your building takes 104h to build that’s 104h in real time. So go play thius game it’s a very great game. Evony- Free Forever!

  3. The first thing to take into consideration with Evony online is that it is by no means a free game. It a free to play pay to win type. This basically means that to log on and access the game costs you nothing except to agree to their double standardized collection or rules they call and end user liscence agreement. So by definition of giving up your ability to have any actual rights or say to the accounts you build, it’s no longer free as it robs you of said rights. To actually compete in the game though usually requires the purchase of in game cents to the tune of ten cents per US dollar. Which most given items in game costing anwhere from 3 cents to several hundred cents it doesn’t take long to tank your pocketbook in this money sink. Not all items available in game are available withough the purchase of cents creating further presure to spend into a game not worth the expense.

    The truest drawback to Evony is more defined by it’s lack luster non-existant customer support. The disreguard and contempt this game has for not only it’s non-paying, but also it’s paying customers makes one wonder why anyone would wish to spend a dime into the game. Like most management, the Evony team is no exception. They take no responsibility for anything that happens in game but are quick to ban anyone confronting them with an issue and threatening to take action over it. It’s highly common for payment transations to either be lost or misplaced. When confronted by this the Evony team denies that the transactions took place. When a player does take action and reverses the charges for failed delivery of goods, they promtly ban the player in question without reguard to the players account or explanation.

    The team also displays a grand inepttitude in the execution of their duties. Cheaters in game are allowed to disrupt play for months at a time until Evony decides they are a problem. At which time they issue system wide bans removing both legite and illegally players from the game seemingly indescriminantly. Any complaining players then have their accounts banned. Any complaining of players on the forums is met with a lifetime ban by the Evony team. As are any attempts to organize other players in any sort of protest to the current operation of the game or requests that changes be made to either the game or it’s strangling double standardized TOS and rules.

    The game terms of service either vaguely state rules, redirect you to ‘official rules’ posted like an after thought on the forums, or contradict themselves in many places. They often read like a double standard leagalease meant solely to confuse the issue you are attempting to decipher. The implication is solid enough though in that it often read as “we will do what we want, when we want, and if you disagree we’ll ban you and or remove your account.”

    Double standards include things such as multi accounts being okay, but also being a banable offense. You are allowed to have multiple accounts. You are not allowed to have more that one account per IP, on the same server, in the same alliance. So despite advertising it’s self as a family friendly game, family or members part of the same household are not allowed to play together without the express permission of the Evony staff. Permission which it is not easily instructed anywhere on where to ask and often when a player does ask they are told to ask someone else if they recive any response at all. Often they recieve no response at all.

    If under some strange circumstances you and a housemate ARE allowed to play together, you must be on completely different servers. If you are allowed to play on the same servers you and your housemate may be allowed to be able to be in the same alliance. Reguardless of alliances, you are not allowed to have any in game interaction at all with any person on the same IP as your account other than chat. You may not send goods, you may not lend militarily aide, you may not even attack the same targets (either NPC or pc) without risking a ban for multi accounting. This means family and friends can watch what you do, but not play with you on the game to work together in anyway as it’s considered an unfair advantage. It also means parents and children cannot teach one another or play with one another. It also ultimately means that any coworkers, knowingly or unknowingly, playing on the same IP at work run the risk of being banned completely from the game simply because they happened to both play the game from the same place.Colleges also apply as do any places where you might access and open WiFi point to play the game that another evony user might also access from.

    Also sharing accounts, or logging into the same accounts from more than one logged IP address is considered a banable offense. Once again unless you have the imaginary express permission from the Evony team. This express permission is required for each and every account you would wish to access from multiple points. So no playing at work, then going home and logging in. Also making it so you either permanantly have to play from your Iphone or not at all.

    All this has lead many players to claim Evony to be guilty of multiple instances of false advertising. And not just because of their scantily clad female model ridden mass ad campaigns plastered all over the net in which they prefer to use images directly ripped and edited from the covers of pornographic movies. Images which hold no relevance to the game and instead invite pornography seekers to join thinking that is the type of site it is. Though it does tend to make one question what sort of ‘family fun oriented’ game they are going for.

    It also falsely implies that you can play at work discretely. If every member of your office for example must individually inform evony that you are all playing on the same game, possibly the same servers, possibly on an office alliance? There is nothing discrete about it. Nor is it discrete if you must ask your employer’s permission to play which as many can guess is not likely to happen. This is depite the fact that they are blantantly encouraging people to risk termination from their jobs opening themselves up to McDonalds supersized lawsuit.

    Other claims of false advertisment involve friendly staff. Not to mention imaginary or falsified staff. Evony claims to have only 5 employees globally. But one look at the forums and all of the administrators and moderators will tell anyone differently. This is explained by the fact that Evony is supported but what is probably the largest base of experienced volunteer staff on the planet net to organizations such as the red cross. Many ‘volunteer staff’ are highly experienced game programmers/executives/designers who seem to be completely out of work except for their ‘volunteer work’ with Evony online.

    Even though many of them have been revealed to have hidden in the deep dark mazes of some of the shadiest game corporations to exist. And when talked to in game and in person have revealed themselves to be overbearing, self centered, egotistical, and arrogant characters of the sort that make the worst customer service encountered to look like angels by comparison. It’s been largely said by many that if they were one of their employees, they’d be instantly fired no questions asked simply over their obvious attitude problems.

    Attitudes that allow for no critisism at all. Which has been obviously displayed without doubt at the recently filed lawsuit against a british journalist who chose to speak out against evony and was threatend to be sued for deflamation of Evony’s character. My opinion is that Evony would have to first have character for them to be able to sue anyone for deflaming. I have little to no doubt that were a member of their staff to see this post they would threaten me and or the host site to remove said post and opologize or be sued. I invite them to try as it would immediately be posted online who the accusing party was so that those that have been wronged by these people would then be able to finally countersue for all the damages done so far. The only reason this has not been done by now is likely due to the fact that the ‘controlling company’ for this game isntead seems to be a myriad grouping of multiple rinkidinc corporations spread across the globe taking advantage of multiple ‘small company protections’ while also hiding behind international borders to remain out of legal repercussions.

    Evony has also displayed a disreguard for it’s player base in that obvious and easy advancements to the game are passed or are completely ignored in favor of pay to play features. This furthers both the false advertising of the game’s ‘free to play forever’ motto as well as providing yet more compiling evidence of a complete disreguard for the interests of their players. The most basic helpful features to the game are instead added by third party software in the form of automated bots. Such bots do the most basic of skills for players such as automatically launching attacks or building up towns. Features Evony it’s self has seem to deem unnessicary. I’m sure they would impliment them instantly if they thought they could make a buck off them. What I fail to realize is why anyone would choose to spend hundreds of dollars into a ‘free’ web based game rather than to pay a monthly, or in many cases several years worth, access fee’s for a game that not only has REAL customer support but also a real game that was not plagerized almost entirely from someone else.

    The game it’s self is simplistic and fun to play. You create a player character. That player character embodies you, the player. A civilian in control of a single starting castle which you must build up and expand. Upon completeing basic quests and gaining rank you eventually expand into the ability to control more castles and resource boosting vallies around your areas. You make troops and form an army. You may also officially join other players in an existing alliance of up to 100 other players or create your own new alliance. Those alliances in turn form unofficial coalitions in which to go to war with other coalitions. The keys to these battles are to maintian high troop counts, high resources, solid defenses, and strong allies. The graphics are fairly basic. They are substandard to games like civilization, stornghold, and age of emprires, but try to make up for it in it’s multi player aspect despite the strangling multiplayer rules enforced in the game. It is after all a browser based flash game. Most of the artwork in said game has in turn been ripped off from somewhere else as can easily be found out with a few simple google searches.

    In short, Evony as a game is simple yet entertaining. Even sullied by the fact of being yet another game pretending to be a ‘free game’ while charging excessive amounts of money for in game ‘perks’ allowing players to win by spending more money. This is not always the case however. Several buyers find that buying alone will not allow them to win without the use of strategy.

    To sum up, Evony online has the misfortune of being a good game premise as well as a good playable game in its own right. It has it’s own shortcomings and flaws. But overall has the greatest misfortune of being run by a bad amoral company that shouldn’t even be allowed to do buisness in any market. If the game were run by a a mature focused company it would be worth playing. Being run by the fly by night money making former gold farmers from WoW based out of China only interested in ripping off as much cash from their player base before they split with the loot though? I would advise the fun seeking player to look for quality entertainment elsewhere even if that means sending them to blizzard entertainment via WoW. At least they have customer service.

  4. good game for people who are smart enough not to give in to the impulse of spending money.

    takes a lot of patience, strategy, and common sense.

    if one of these is not in you, don’t play. chances are, you will spend real money, or get pissed coz you think people can attack you and you cant figure out why you cant fight back. you may think you are being cheated.

    i have played this game for three months now. got beaten, got bullied, got booted out. but got back up. strategy plays an important role. its lengthy to discuss. you have to figure it out urself.

    its a fun game.

  5. Good game except for it using up to a gig a day to play, wish there was a way to make it use less, anyone know how. aprt from changing internet providers.

  6. How about they advertise the game for what it is?
    What’s with all the semi naked women being flashed everywhere? Is that how they think geeky men are going to be drawn to it?… “oo flashy semi-naked women – I’ll go play the game even though it’s got nothing like that in it what so ever”.

    Stupid piece of dog’s turd.
    “Come play my Lord” – Whoever thought of advertising the game like the needs their head crushed many times with some kind of shiny flat steel-surfaced instrument.

  7. hi i have been playing evony for 4 days now it is an enjoyable game but its too quite.. and there is no fight scenes all i see is the buildings or the terrain one more thing is that the upgrade times are way too long as u get to higher levels i need to wait for 34 hours to have an army of about thousand archers it seems too long and when it comes to game coins its just use less game supposed to be free and i spent nearly 50 quid buying coins and speed ups to get me going quickly but it is not enough i only managed to get my walls up to level4 and it goes to level 10 i heard how much more do i need to spend on this FREE GAME to have every thing upgraded to max? worst of all my server went down today now what?

  8. Lots of people are leaving Evony now. Some were banned for botting, some got fed up with the lack of customer care and others didn’t like the interminable farming necessary.
    Mostly they have moved to the many similar browser games. Current favourite is War of Legends, mainly because it is published in the UK and has good customer service and no endless farming.

  9. Also for those who read this it will take a while to start but when you get started you will have s omuch fun. I would recommend the medal drop rates to be higher though and to make it where you can get evony coins from attacks or more often from the wheel. I would like it even more if they made a chart or something to attack and definetly get a medal ouot of 20 attacks atleast i have had trouble with rose medals i have basically all the other medals but rose medals. Thanks

  10. there seems to be a big bug problem…when building warriors my prestige is not increasing at all
    tried to refresh after building up nothing again also i logout ans in again same prob

  11. If you have a job, this game will get you in the end. The only way to stay afloat is to play it 24-7 because you can get wiped out in a matter of hours.

    I spent a couple of months to get to 500k prestige and then in one afternoon while I was at work, my entire city was plundered to 5 loyalty or something. Even though I had items which could get me back, the fact remained that you have to spend a lot of time maintaining your city, only to have it wiped out while you’re not playing.


  12. I’ve been playing over a year now and love it!! I’ve played other games that bore easily, but this one is always exciting. Even though when you first start it takes time to get things moving. Once you have the numbers and time you really need to strategically place your attacks. I’m in a top 10 alliance on ss6 and every day there is something new to do. We are at war with numerous other alliances so there is never any down time. The key is to start on a new server, if you start on an old server you will never last cause the other players have been working on their troops for who knows how long. Also get into an alliance first thing, they can help you on your way. Give it a try, even if you get plundered it is ok.

  13. I have been playting Evony Age 1 for 4 months and have over 2million prestige, the biggest problem with your review is its based by a completlyu unknowledagble person, in all fairness you probably just don’t understand the engine and how things work because i laughed my ass off when i was reading it, it screams NOOB. Anyone who actually KNOWS how to play will enjoy it much more than the ones who think they are playing farmville or something. 1) Yes there are odd glitches occasionally but i have never spent a penny on this because of that fact. Its a free game and since i rank 338/over 10k people im gonna say that as a full time worker and a part time player it is still easy to maintain in this game IF you have a clue. 2) I really think more people should play but bad reviews like this are going to discourage people you may want to try again or find someone who knows the ins and outs to write the review you did bout as good as you could but man oh man. And the comments?! LMAO you guys are impatient or dumb, why would you waste money on a free game? you don’t! Simple as that. It is a VERY strategic game so if your not good at thinking don’t bother cuz you will be one of the people that writes a bad review. 3) How people see 100k armies as unachievable i can partially understand but there really is a simple calculatory method to it. Troops are built in the barracks. say you have 10barracks(i have 16per city but ill use 10 for simplicity) You want to build 10000 warriors, well you check the ‘split production between barracks’ box and then hit build. This divides the 10k warriors between 10 barracks(1000 per barracks) times the per build rate (mine is 3seconds per warrior so that would mean my 10k warriors are built in 50mins approximately(my math may be off on that i apologize)
    4) You did KINDA get the hero thing right but you are missing some of the most important parts of the heroes. Politics hero increases resource production, he also DECREASES build times on buildings and wall fortifications so you will want ONE politic hero and youll want to level him up as fast as you can. Intel hero is good but a side note they commonly are sent to aid in medal hunting(sending scouts and high intel hero increases drop rate slightly. Now the most important. Attack hero raises army attack BUT when you appoint your attack hero as mayor and go to your barracks your troops build time will be noticeably lower. Archers take me 46s per compared to the grueling 2m30s when i first started. And again for all you people who say you have to spend money and get higher rank, your wacked. I am a knight and i will probably be a knight for awhile as i will not pay but if you know how to medal hunt you will eventually get the ones you need. Ranked 336now as im writing this and that is proof that you need not spend any money, Also Evony staff are pieces of Sh*t i will completley agree lol they do nothing but annoy you by not responding so i could give a flying fvck bout them and ther so-called scam game this isn’t no paid review BS i have my personal conflict with the game sometimes as well but really this needs to be RE-reviewed properly so that someone interested can go in and have a clue, because that is where the biggest problem with the game is, people do NOT have a FRIGGIN CLUE how to play this game either because the real concept eludes them or they don’t get strategy/war games. Final comment is the combat system is a very good system once again only if you understand it. EVERYTHING you do research wise affects parts of the outcome of the battle, Horseback/Archery/Compass/Medicine/Mil. Trad. all of it . period. If your research isn’t in the right combination be prepared for a WORLD of hurt, research everything as fast as possible to max(some will only go to lvl9 if you don’t spend like me but the game is designed so that you will be ok without spending as long as it is maxed to lvl9(most lvl10 anything requires scripts<which yes can be bought BUT i have gotten 3 from attacking lvl10 NPC(Barbarian cities) so again it is possible to not spend but you better be patient if you dont because some drop rates are low and others even lower haha. I may even end up reviewing this just so you will all understand a little better how it really is. End- I love this game, i play as often as possible and i really hope more people come play it .

  14. Most reviewers (not gamers) are turned off by the sexy ads the Evony display all over the Internet to attract new players. This is what I call aggressive marketing. It works, but you have to have the budget for it.

    I played Evony for a month or so. The whole game is built around the idea that you HAVE TO spend money to improve yourself and get ahead in this game. Even for chatting! It looks great – graphics wise, but there are lots of bots in the game, progress is slow and support is non-existent. I would recommend you play Ikariam instead.

  15. If you work, like to sleep, or even go out to eat. Do NOT play this game (EVONY) It is fun at first, then after spending far too many hours building your city. The Wife/GF/ or who ever says lets go out to eat tonight. And you do, best dinner in a long time. Hey I was only gone for 4 hours, lets check on my city in Evony and BAM it is gone, Note: the guild I was in did help defend my city and did kick the attackers …. Plus took 5 of their citys for each one of ours they took. Oh, I did have 4 lvl 10 citys the rest lvl 9 and so many troops I did have to log on every day just to farm to feed my troops. For me this became a JOB in itself no longer a game to play and have fun. Every Guild member MUST log on each day and at least One guild member MUST be logged on every min of every day or you will lose your cities and everything you worked for. As for the RLM cost, yes most players that can, spend far too much. If you are looking for a “game” to play to have fun, run from this game. If you are looking for a game that is a full time job, then this is the game for you.

  16. Evony’s just a pile of steaming dog shit, that 70% of people can’t stand. Seriously, if your going to play an MMORTS go play a good MMORTS like Ministry of War, and not an overrated craphole like Evony.

  17. You need to go over your guide a litte.
    First of all it helps a lot to play longer as people can attack you and u can get more done
    Your army should be WAY bigger if your even going to attack a vally, say you had 1k arch, you wouldve probably lost nothing… more troops =less causalties

    It helps to be on every hour or so if you do it your way, the people who spend a half hour at a time can get their defences up way quicker.

  18. Here is a quick look at evony. alot of multiple account players. once you build armies your married to the game to feed them 24/7. You get spammed by evony staff by mail to spend 30 bucks all the time. There is more drama within alliances than there is actual war, all you do is play all the time to feed armies you never use unless you are willing to pay money to move around the game. This is not a good game, its only success is the chat box as people like to chat alot and is only feature that it has survived. Do not waste your time with this game

  19. If you don’t like the game 3 words.


    God, you guys don’t have any patience. I played on server 16 for a year and a half. Played on plenty of other servers to. Just play on 2 servers never any dull moments. Not kidding.

    As for those who like Evony, thank you!

  20. Like any game, there can be improvements here, but as MMorts go, this game rocks! It’s not for everyone. If you’re not strategic in your planning and dont think things through, you wont do well. It takes time to master, but you will get the hang of it. Let’s face it, if it were too easy it would be boring. Evony is far from boring and you meet great people too. I say give it a try before you judge it. I bet you’ll love you it, too.

  21. ok evony, it’s very addictive check… it’s a lot of fun check.. and if you don’t pay attention it can be costly check. now that Evonys strategy is covered. I’ve personally played six servers and five of them i didnt spend a dime on. Yes the game goes quicker and can be much easier if you spend money but you can keep up without it. As far as browser games go – there is none that keep up, i’ve played a ton and just retired from Evony. Yes like every game you need to learn how to play it and how the units interact with each other. Maintaing troops can be tedious but its a war game go kill them or take someone elses food. It’s a game that is worth trying once.. Age II i wont speak for as i think it’s a major degrade from Age I but again thats my opinion.

  22. I played on Age 2 server 19 for 7 months. 2.2mil prestige. This game could be additive and full time. Be warned. There was a significant impact on my real life. Eating out? No way I am at war otherwise I will lost troops or cities. Going on vacation? Take a netbook, or your troops will get hungry and die. Business trips? Get someone fill-in the game for you. But if you’re retired, business owners or housewives, ok this maybe for you. Be prepared to spend money and cheat (building alternate accounts). The world chat is not monitored and has a lot of bullies and foul languages. Expect harrassments.

  23. After significant time with this game, I have found that you either play fair and get farmed by everyone or you try to win the game in which case you realize that many have bots and hacks that won’t let you win. In other words, you can lose towns but you can’t take towns. So whats the point. Sorry I wasted my time and $$$ on this!!

  24. I have never played this game and I am proud of that, because my stepfather plays this game and he has been playing for years. Everything has fallen apart. He has been kicked out of his business, wasn’t there for his kid and doesn’t do anything to help our situation. This is a four cell family and only two people are trying to keep things in order, my mother and I. My sister is too young and my stepfather won’t do shit.
    Look people, if you want to play this game, don’t let it take over your life.
    It is just a game and there are other things more important.

  25. I played on server 84 for a year. I am Hells Blackwell. I never paid a dime, was ranked in top 50, and led the number one alliance on the server. I never even gave a thought to people botting, i would crush them as well. it a game of strategy, So botting/buyers doesn’t matter if your good. The entire alliance worked together which made us strong. And complaints about the engine and troop effectiveness..well like in life you adapt. You learn the engine and master it. I loved playing it, but like a previous comment above where his step dad left them all and lost everything…well that can be part of it. to be good you have to devote too much time to it. I flunked out of school because of it. A year later i retired. I would recommend this game to people who have very little going on, because to be the best and have fun, you have to devote part of your life to it. so if you want to waste a year to 3pm alliance raids and plunders, then it will be an amazing experience. Just dont count on much else in your life to go good. Age 2 was terrible dont bother.

    “When all of life is based on competition, one cant always be nice.”~~Hells Blackwell.

  26. Have enjoyed this game for over 3 years but recent changes have destroyed the game. Game was getting a little tired on server 128 and we were all looking forward to being merged with similiar servers Evony performed a merge onto a Super Server. The lag on the Super Server was terrible and then Evony introduced CAPTCHA which slowed it down even more. The position now is that I cannot time attacks to land at the same time Can’t open and close gates to defend against attacks Farming for food is very,very time consuming as the lag means that you may have to wait over a minute for the evony server to accept you attack request. All in All I am very disappointed with the game as it is now

  27. This game is quite addictive, but mainly because of the people you meet while playing it. The game itself has problems. While you don’t need to spend money to play, realistically, you’ll never get anywhere unless you do. And even once you do, and you get “game coins”, often when purchasing in-game items with those coins, they never show up. So… basically a rip off.

    They also seem to have a bit of a bot problem – and even if you don’t use a bot, you can be accused of using a bot and have your account suspended (oh, and lose have your stuff that you bought with your game coins, that you acquired by spending money… you get my drift). At a certain point in the game, it almost becomes impossible to continue to play without a bot unless you have absolutely no life.

    The requirement to farm to feed your armies is immense. Take a day off to spend with your kids, and your troops will refuge. Many people spend copious amounts of time building npcs (non-player cities) around them that then can farm, only to have them wiped out while you sleep, the time and troops expended to build them…completely wasted.

    Even if you have no life and become really good at the game, you will be punished for it by acquiring “honor”. The higher your “honor”, the lower your ability to heal your troops. If you’re bad at the game and keep losing the fights, your ability to heal will remain at the highest level. Start winning though, and you will lose that ability because of the acquisition of honor.

    But, the final insult… the makers of Evony are convinced that everyone is cheating and using bots, and have started to implement “captchas” on their servers. They wait until a new server has opened and you have spent your money, then they implement captcha. Every time you try to send a troop out – or defend against an incoming attack – a little window will pop up with fuzzy, distorted characters, that you must enter correctly in order to continue playing. This usually results in failed defenses and ill-timed attacks, and frustration all around. Take the game as it is – don’t bother complaining about the mail system that doesn’t work, missing items that you’ve purchased, lag on the servers, or captchas – any complaint will lead to an investigation of your account, since you’re obviously one of the cheaters.

  28. I have played for 2 and a half years now, first on serve84 and now on ss61 and I am so sad and so frustrated with Evony staff. They have continually ignored pleas for assistance with what is essentially a broken server and a severely compromised product. The game is virtually unplayable on this server and I would no longer recommend Evony to anyone in search of a game and neither will I be moving to a new server. Evony has lost me.

  29. I used to love evony.. was really fun game, the people have been wonderful and made quite a few good friends

    But!!! Evony lacks any kind of customer service skills, they ignore you, treat players like crap. The worst ever company i have ever had to deal with

    I wouldn’t suggest this game to my worst enemy!!!


  30. do NOT play………….they dont give a damn about their players other than what money they make off of them…..they make negative changes to the game, and when players comment and ask for help they are ignored and belittled and otherwise told that everything is the fault of their web

    they take adn take and take adn tell you to basically shut up and get lost if there is a problem. their customer service is pretty much non-existant. players have tried to help and make suggestions and they get shut down

    after 2 years of playing there i regret every penny i spent.

    DO NOT PLAY!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY…….

  31. The posts above say almost everything about Evony’s problem attitude and disdain for its players. But, misses a few points.

    Evony started Age II because it felt it could pull more money from its players. Now that’s a failure…because Age I is simply a better game, if Evony would support it properly…they’re in beta testing of another new game, but seems they’ve sullied the Evony name so much it isn’t likely to be called “Evony: Age III.” Find out what it is, then be sure you stay away from that, too. Whatever “Age” of Evony gets played, the game doesn’t work if it’s not supported properly…like every other game provider out there will at least ATTEMPT to give you.

    Evony is responsible for promoting bots in large part by game changes they made themselves, and particular enforcement of rules that seems geared only to punish those who bother to ask for their rules to be enforced. Bots help the biggest spenders, they know this, they tacitly and covertly support this, until they feel supporting a particular player is embarrassing to them or may make them lose an argument (even if the facts are really against them from the start, Evony never admits real mistakes and acts accordingly).

    And, Evony advertises itself as “free forever,” and promises you will be able to keep your account forever. Even if that’s true, the latest tactic on Evony: Age I seems to be to force poor compute resources to knock down performance to the point the game is unplayable. No, this isn’t just a metaphor, but hour-long delays to execute commands sometimes while incoming attacks can take just seconds from nearby enemies, or game clocks off by an average of 10-30 minutes on various servers. There’s no way to play a war game that doesn’t let you defend, or time attacks when that’s needed, never mind not letting you perform the tasks you need to support your own armies. This seems intentional. Evony has deleted posts and threads and walked away from handling this issue even on its own feedback forum. This seems like a tactic to drive players to quit, so Evony won’t need to worry about maintaining game servers for Age I anymore…will probably happen on Age II, too…will ultimately happen on EVERY Evony game eventually if they have their way, and is obviously intended to force people to start over again on their new game soon. And force more spending when accounts start from scratch, or on new servers. And that’s part of the scam.

    Evony, don’t count on it. We’re on to you, and we’re just not that stupid. The game has to be about OUR FUN before it’s about us lining YOUR POCKETS…else we won’t bother. Before we start on yet another scam of yours, and deal with your inept and demeaning (and alleged) customer service, we’re finding something else. Even if another game doesn’t quite live up to their own hype, it’s unlikely any out there is EVER going to set out so venomously to stab us in the back, then the wallet, from the moment we sign up to play. And, it’s likely they’ll at least try to help in an honest fashion.


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