Extra Life Marathon with Pherephassa and Randy: Lineage 2 Open Gathering

We’re just about an hour shy of our Lineage 2 open gaming gathering, and anyone is welcome to join in! *UPDATE* I’m in game now as Tesemet, I’ll be hanging out till we officially begin. Feel free to drop on by!

Sadly, Lineage 2 doesn’t seem to like XSplit, I’ve tried off and on for the past few hours and it keeps shutting down thinking I’m hacking. So I won’t be able to live stream, anyone who wants to join in the fun will have to do just that – join in! Create an account, download and join us!

We’ll be on the Naia server, playing brand new characters and seeing how far we can go. If you want to game with us, just drop one of us a line. I’ll be on Tesemet or Tesemi depending on what we need, and Randy will be on Denosha. Unfortunately you can’t chat with anyone in game until you’re level 20, so if you’re joining in just make a character and then send a friend request to Tesemet, Tesemi or Denosha. If it says I’m offline on one, just try the other. Or you can type /mailbox in game and send a mail to both characters – though you’ll have to do at least one quest or kill a few things to earn the postage fees.

We’ll take some screenies and write up an after report so if you can’t join in today, we’ll share all the gory details and embarrassing deaths.

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Pherephassa has been creeping around the etherspace long enough to have remorted so often that not even she can recall her original form. She loves sandboxes, challenges, chain mail bikinis and dungeons so large they take weeks, months or even years to fully explore. Currently seeking an MMO home, she can often be found on the side of the road, begging game designers for death penalties and slow leveling curves.