Fallen Earth Fleshes Out February Patch


Last December, Icarus Studios began tweaking the math behind the combat of Fallen Earth to make the game more balanced and hospitable for various spec builds.

Part two of those combat changes take effect this February as developers try to update the various skill and mutation lines to the post-apocalyptic MMO. The February patch also rolls out the monster-in-a-bottle Scavenger boss system and possible component drop increases that will keep us busy until we make the leap over the Grainway Wall by mid-2011.

Senior Game Designer Marie said one of their main goals is to give a more unique flavor to each skill and mutation line. This will come in the form of “fewer, yet more useful abilities” as well as “making the level of your skill matter when using them.”

Players will hopefully get a confidence boost with their revamped lines by the time the Scavenger boss system is rolled out. High-level groups will be able to use crafted items to summon bosses, which should be interesting to see implemented in full (do they come springing out of junk parts?). And if the idea of bosses-on-demand disturbs you, just think of all the new components to be had with each kill and you’ll get revved up pretty easily.

Speaking of components, the February patch is also eyeing better component drop rates so players can start supporting each other more. Higher tier components are planned to be phased out from merchants, and better drop rates should give more than enough stock for players to pick up the slack.

The February patch is considered by many Fallen Earth players, including the developers, to lay down the groundwork for the more anticipated Sector 4 content update. Complaints have been made on why it’s taking so long to release Sector 4, which Icarus Studios explained is a case of getting content out right rather than fast.

To soothe your curiosity while Fallen Earth fleshes out the February patch, check out these two concept art designs they sent in fresh from the watercolor canvas:

[imagebrowser id=541]