Fallen Earth Mobile App Live, Game Patched

Fallen Earth is receiving a double dose of goodness today.  Not only is the game progressing to v1.5, but the much awaited, unbelievably awesome, and incredibly low-priced mobile application for Fallen Earth is now live.

Icarus Studios is charging a paltry $1.99 for access to its mobile application on Droid/iPhone and $2.99 for the upcoming Blackberry release.  And unlike some companies that charge an arm and a leg for simple (and frustrating) auction house access, Fallen Earth’s mobile app does far more:

  • Check in-game mail
  • Interact with clan members and online friends
  • Visit the auction house to browse bids and keep tabs on auctions
  • View available crafting recipes and check progress on those active
  • Examine character profiles and equipped gear
  • Access the world map

Check out the video preview of the mobile application above.  Prepare to be flabbergasted.

/me waits

Shut your mouth, you’ll get flies.

There’s three reason why a Fallen Earther wouldn’t want the mobile application:

  1. They don’t have one of the many smartphones that are going to be supported.
  2. $1.99 isn’t $0, which was originally expected.
  3. This kind of connectedness may cause you to lose your job/spouse/home/kids/etc.

There was something about a patch I was supposed to cover right?  Some untitled, relatively small patch that adds fast travel, a new Blood Sport mode and additional technology.  I don’t mean to belittle patch v1.5, but this mobile app…This thing right here, is freaking awesome.

If this technology ever fell into Blizzard’s hands, it’d be the next Google Pac-Man (just wasted another 20 minutes).


  1. Wow… it seems like it takes quite awhile to load. It’s expected to have some time, but it’s a bit longer than one would assume.

    Otherwise, great utility if you’re plugged into the game, but I still stand the same as with the Mobile Armory – useless otherwise.

  2. @Mordil
    That was actually AT&T’s fault. Dave (and our cameraman) had terrible service in the hotel were the demo was taking place.

  3. @Mordil

    Android 2 for my phone was delayed until ‘Q2,’ and still not out yet. So my phone is currently unable to run the Mobile Companion.

  4. @Mordil
    Apparently I CAN run it, I just have to do some ninja skills to make it happen. I’ll let ya know how it works soon enough.

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