Fallen Earth Purchased by GamersFirst, Creative Team Absorbed, Going F2P

Fallen Earth, LLC and GamersFirst have announced that the latter company has purchased Fallen Earth from the former. In addition to acquiring the post-apocalyptic MMORPG, GamersFirst has opened its doors to the 12 person creative team, lead by Marie“Aro Sei” Croall, moving the team to its Reloaded Productions team.

The Fallen Earth creative team will continue working on the title, helping with the transition to the free-to-play model. GamersFirst will provide all background publishing services moving forward, including backend development and QA. Croall and her team will be joined by Tracy Spaight, executive designer, and Joseph Willmon, associate game director, to help integrate Fallen Earth into the GamersFirst universe.

“Fallen Earth has a number of unique and innovative game features, and we felt it was important to incorporate this outstanding creative team into Reloaded Productions’ staff,” said Bjorn Book-Larsson, COO of GamersFirst and head of Reloaded Productions.“It was important to retain what made Fallen Earth popular and unique, and we are therefore thrilled to have this particular band of passionate game creators joining our growing global studio team.”

The transition to the F2P model is scheduled to be completed in roughly five months. Players that remain subscribed throughout the changeover will receive a lifetime increase to the premium tier, as well as veteran-only items.

Once the transition is completed, all players will  receive “completely unrestricted permanent access to every zone and instance in the game.” As with other games, GamersFirst will offer tiered membership services in lieu of a typical subscription. And the obligatory store with content, convenience items and services.

Sounds good to me.