Fallen Earth: Updates include Fast Travel and Weather System

Fallen Earth Project Manager/Producer Dave Haydysch has recently released Fallen Earth’s version of their official announcements with their latest State of the Game letter aimed at addressing issues brought up by its community of players. The focus was on recent additions to the game such as the launch of the Blood Sports (1.4) patch, as well as what players can expect in the future.

Fallen Earth will see the introduction of a new weather system, including rain, thunder and lightning.  Players can also expect to see a new system dubbed “Serendipity” which introduces rare world boss spawns, giving players an extra challenge with impressive rewards. Finally, the team will be adding a form of fast travel which could be seen as rather disruptive to the core game mechanics, but will cut down on long travel times.

For more information on Fallen Earth’s Fast Travel and Weather System, along with other updates from the game; click here to read the full update.