Farcry 2: Holy Hell This Game Sucks!

Let me start off by saying, yes I know Farcry 2 is not a MMO and yes I realize I’m reviewing a FPS on a MMO blog.  However I do play games other than MMO’s and while normally I would refrain from posting about them here, I just could not resist considering how hyped up Farcry 2 was and how horrible the game acutally is.

Here’s a quick introduction to what the game is like.  Drive 5 mins to a mission point, spend 5 mins getting your mission, spend 5-10 mins driving to your mission, spend 5-15 mins completing the mission and finally spend 5-10 mins driving to the next area to get another mission.  Rinse and repeat for the rest of the game.   Think of it as GTA except driving around is not fun at all, it’s the worst part of the game and you’ll spend about 50% of your time doing it.  Then think of having to do basically the same mission over and over, with almost zero variation.  What fun!

To make things ever better, you need to buy all your own weapons, which are mostly pointless.  Here’s a great example.  I used a “silenced” pistol to shoot a guard, before anyone saw or heard me, I ran behind a mountain and made my way to the back of the base.  Without so much as a peep from me I had about 10 guards running to my exact location.  WTF Ubisoft?  Is there no AI at all?  Does buying a silienced gun even matter if the comp knows exactly where I am regardless of how stealthly I’ve been?  But what I like even better is when I’m outside a building with no windows and the guys on the inside shoot me through the wall even though they should have no clue that I’m there.  No it’s ok, I doing mind playing a game with AI from 1995.

Moving on to the game map.  This is a map you’ll use a lot and the best part is that it covers about 45-55% of the screen depending if you’re driving (45%) or walking(55%). No mini map at all unless you’re driving. However the minimap in cars is pretty much useless as it only shows about 200 yards around you, so you’ll have the main map open anyway and have about 1/3 the road blocked by the map.

Next up are diamonds, the currency that you’ll need to use to buy shit.  You can either get diamonds by completing missions or by finding breifcases randomly thrown about the map.  To finds a breifcase you need to use a radar that will beep green when you’re near a case.  Best part here is you only have the radar if your map is open.  WoooHooo!  Why there is no radar on the UI is beyond me.  I think developers goal here is to frustrate the gamer to a point that they take their mouse and shove it into their eye.  So as a fun mini-game you’ll be opening and closing the main map about ever 10 seconds you’re walking to see if there are any diamonds near by.

Gun shops are by far the best mission givers in the game.  There’s a handfull of these places around the map and guess what?  Every mission is EXACTLY the same which you have to do in order to open up new weapons.  Seriously it’s the same exact mission over and over again!  I did 4 or 5 of them before deciding I would just use the weapons that are currently available. I couldn’t stand doing the mission again, it was that boring.

Jeeze, this list is getting long.  Next we have the game animations.  There’s basically an animation for everything, which you HAVE to watch.  Off the top of my head there’s knocking on a door, opening a door, sitting down, standing up, getting padded down, healing yourself, fixing a vehicle, even a dying animation which is about 30-40 seconds long that cannot be skipped!  The fact that you’re constantly doing all these things and have to watch a 1-2 second animation every single time takes some getting used to.  While I love games that are realistic, please cut the crap that makes gamers bored as F@#K. I don’t mind the animations that are 1-2 secs, I can live with that.  But when I die and have to sit there for 30-40 seconds as I watch my character fall to the ground, black out, get rescued, watch as they stand back up and get ready to fight again, it makes be want to quit playing the game.   At least put in a skip button.

Finally you have everyone in the entire country trying to kill you regardless of what you’re doing.  You start the game in a taxi who magically is able to drive around without being fired upon, however as soon as you try it everyone shoots first and asks questions later.  It doesn’t matter what time of day, where you are or what you’re doing.  You could be on a cliff viewing the wildlife and randomly a jeep will pull up and open fire.  This is the most ridiculous attempt at trying to break up the boring and tediousness of driving around. Good job Ubisoft.  Also thank you for making quick saves not actual save files.  I very much enjoyed it the first time when I exited the game and came back the next day only to find out the last hr and half was not saved.  ..|..

Being a huge fan of Farcry this game was the biggest disappointment in 2008.  An absolute pile of shit, I only wish I could get my money back.  On another note I see PC Gamer gave this game a 94%.  Having been subscriber for 8 yrs going, I can only assume a huge pile of money was dropped on the table to get that score. To be very very kind, I would give the game a 60% tops.


  1. Seriously… Ive been a gamer for a couple of years now and for realz ive played crappy games… And with “crappy” i mean shitty games like super mario factory.. But for realz. ubisoft WTF!!!!!!! Even Cod4 would totally spank ubi’s ass for reealz!… AI on FC2 is just pathetic

  2. i agree with you all i have win 7 64-bit with a i7 920 overclocked to 4.0G and crossfire ati 4890’s i can run it smoothly at 120 FPS on DX10 all maxed out and everything it looks absolutley Amazing things LOOK so lifelike but the actual gameplay on it sucks on another level i mean did they even try?? its like they put 20 hours into designing the gameplay and weeks designing the graphics screw everything and start making blue-ray game s so you can put around 50 Gigs worth of stuff and not be limited to a 10 Gig dvd

  3. The map you have there in your screenshot is actually a ZOOMED IN version of the entire map. The actual map of the entire area covers about 3 times as much land as the one in your screenshot.

  4. Amen Mike AMEN! A 60% is a generous score! I like the last part you mentioned. So true. I dunno HOW MANY TIMES I got ready for a mission only to be killed again and again on the way there by random guys that would drive up and shoot at me. And I like how you can get shot and spend 15 minutes trying to figure out where in the HELL it is coming from. The fact that people were giving this scores in the 80% range is beyond me. The thing that really irks me is the developers knew how broken this game was yet they kept hyping it up so it would sell for $60. I wouldn’t give you $10 for it.

  5. This game is about the biggest piece of crap I have ever had the displeasure of owning. I keep dying of malaria in the game and really have no idea why. Game play sucks monkey butt compared to FarCry. You can’t skip the tutorials even if you have seen them a hundred times and there is no AI that I can see. Everything is the same crappy game play every time I die. It is very monotonous and gets very boring quickly. I really regret purchasing this game. I feel like I was ripped off. I agree with Cornellius, I wouldn’t pay $10 for it.

  6. Obviously you all suck at this game. the map is not at all annoying. you use it for a quick reference. if your getting lost without it kill yourself cause you wont make it from your house to the grocer.
    the AI cant see you any and everywhere, you all just need to practice your stealth tactics for fps obviously (silenced pistols don’t matter if the enemies friends clearly see their friend get shot from 5 feet to his left).
    The death scene doesn’t take 30-40 seconds. hahaha this is the part in the game when a friend you have selected to watch your back comes and helps you if you get K.O. if you just get killed that’s it, you dead.
    I cant be assed scrolling up to see what other crap you guys wrote. learn to FPS if your going to post this shit on your crappy MMO site. go stand in a room online and wait for your expansions.
    you all fail

  7. Just bought this game yesterday for $9.99 and i want my money back. This game sux, and I have know idea why anyone can give this as high a rating they gave. All i say is I feel sorry for all those who paid $60 for it. I wouldnt even waste my time taking it to trade in, I would rather use it as a coffee cup coaster.

  8. Totally. It is the most boring game I have ever played. I only made it half through and feel so sorry about wasted time.

  9. I 100% agree, complete and utter shit. I just rented the game, and within 10 minutes I ejected it. It’s fucking awful.

  10. I just finished playing the PC version 1.03. After a little into Act 2 I couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up getting the Mega Trainer(not the vs. you pay for) and tore through the game rather quickly in hopes the end might start to move faster and get more interesting. It didn’t.

    The game was obviously made by Ubisoft Montreal’s “C” team; a bunch of junior devs and a newly promoted producer who thought he was the @#!$. While its “A” team was making Assassin’s Creed 1 and maybe starting 2.

    I do love how the game allows me to be a pyromaniac. But that’s where the fun stops.

    I am still feeling nauseous from Far Cry 2’s ending. I think Far Cry 2 at that point would have caused me tears of regret and angrer should I have bought it. Though I am sorry for my friend who bought this POS the month it came out who let me borrow it last week. He said it was it was ok but never finished it. Said I could keep it. Seriously, its going into the garbage. The multilayer aspect is just as much a let down.

  11. The game does need a lot more work put into it. Missions and gameplay are boring and repetitive to the extreme. The only variation is location and weapons. They could of added a fast travel option like oblivion or something. Only 5 bus stations throughout the entire map is a joke. I used them maybe 3 times in 20 hours of gameplay, and I still had to drive a lot to get where I wanted to go. It wouldn’t be so bad if everyone wasn’t hostile towards you. You basically have to stop every 5 mins to kill a jeep and its machine gunner on top. Same for using the rivers to get around.
    I dont understand the point of a buddy system when your buddy doesnt actually help you. Ok that one of them comes out of no where to revive you but the others dont follow you around or help you in any way. Instead you just go to their location and help him kill a few stragglers, over and over again.
    This is yet another case of Ubi overhyping a game to get sales and releasing just eye candy. Yea, good job, the game looks amazing but everything else is horrible I want to kill myself after playing for 10 mins.

  12. Yep this game was complete crap.

    & To the fanboy who wrote: “that all who hated FC2 were mmo nerds” is a big pile of shit aswell.

    See, I also play World of Warcraft so you can tell me I am a nerd if you want. But fact his before playing WoW I’ve played for years CS, COD, War3, Splinter Cell and other normal games. Lately I’ve been completting games I didn’t buy earlier due to their money cost, I’ve completted in a few weeks crysis1, warhead, and and many other games of many types & styles, I did 2% of FC2 and I can’t play it anymore it just sucks balls. To start with the game as nothing to do with Far Cry 1, they just used the name FARCRY because the first title was SICK and AWESOME. I repeat, FC2 isn’t worth 1cent and I am happy I’ve downloaded it instead of buying because it’s JUST PURE BULLSHIT BULLSHIT! It doesn’t have a story, it’s not fun, it’s repetitive and AI is just retarded. Oh y and the map thing & diamonds too. Pokemon for gameboy beats this Farcry 2 shit.

  13. opinions are like ass holes (sorry).. everyone’s got one..
    so here’s mine. well when i first bought the game i was eager to get my self into the game. eventually i did.. first the game was quite exiting, as things were realistic. i enjoyed a when i played then. and there’s nothin wrong with the AI but when i came across like 20% of the game, it started to bore like hell. this game could make anyone to lose there tolerance. conclusion- the developers made a real mess out of a great deal.

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    This post has been disemvoweled. No swears. No graphic descriptions. No personal attacks. No kidding. -Mod

  15. I’ve just started this. When am I going to stop being driven around? Why are the Save and Load buttons diagonally opposite the choice – so I’ve got to travel the mouse the greatest possible screen distance? Why am I left looking at people looking at me when I’ve found the bloody blue box, and saved the thing. Nothing. Nothing happens. This is the pits.
    This was in a dumper in PC World, and the blurb from PC Gamer gave it 94%. Duh – the reviewer is clearly being paid. Wish I’d waited to read some reviews.
    Very, very poor.

  16. i agreed with lol.this game is really realistic.i am a hardcore gamer and play this games in hardcore mode.i play cod in veteran mode and it needs only 2 or 3 shoots to die.comparing with it far cry 2 is easy.u all asshole learn how to click your mouse first.i bet you will die before watching me if you play multiplayer against me in counter strike.

  17. The AI can recognize you even when you shot the enemy with a silenced rifle and ran because of the noise you make while running!. All of you who think fc-2 is a pile of shit are turds. This is one brilliant immersive game .

  18. Yep, this game was under rated. It’s not about doing the objective, it’s also about getting to it. It’s all about planning your approach, planning the shortest path with the least checkpoints.
    The AI is more brilliant than it seems at first. Silenced weapons won’t work if there’s another guy close by, he’ll hear the thud of your victim collapsing to the ground, and go check it out. Wound a guy, get out of sight, and one of his team mates will come to drag him to safety when he deems it safe. The way they communicate with each other during fights is also great.
    It’s not more repetitive than the player is, I guess people have gotten so used to only doing objective after objective, so they focus only on that.

    Seriously the game gives you all these tools to have fun and everyone is calling it repetitive. I hope you’re all happy with all your scripted-scene-by-scripted-scene singleplayer games ala Call of Duty, where every mission will play the same. Because you don’t know how to make your own “action movie” moments when you have the opportunity. Gotta put hero in quotation, everything you do is destructive, there’s only bad and worse. Which I guess is what the game is trying to show the player. Humans are destructive.

    I will admit the first time I tried the game, I got bored after the first hour, and didn’t touch it for a while. I then revisited it, this time knowing what I was in for. I’ve since when had so many moments I’ve shared with other Far Cry 2 players, and that’s what makes the game unique. Something a scripted game won’t give you.

    It’s far from perfect, enemies sometimes feel like bullet-sponges, no friendly AI ever, every driver who sees you will chase you and are always faster than your vehicle, driving mechanics are kinda odd. And only recently did someone get the game cracked open for community modding. This is a game that could’ve lived for much longer if they hadn’t locked it up.

    All time favorite game for me.

  19. this is old, but… i couldn’t resist all this crap.
    1) FarCry2 SUCKS!
    2) What damn strategy are FC2 defenders talking about? is always the same, drive through wherever checkpoint you want, kill the bastard, come back to recive another same mission over and over again. You want strategy FPS? PLAY Thief.
    3) AI it’s ok, the problem is, you never die! wtf? plus this game is way too easy. All combat is the same, really… what strategy are they talking about?
    4) Superb graphics don’t worth shit without a good plot, and FC2 plot may be out of tipical but is boring, TOO BORING.

    Really nice graphics and stunning landscape. That’s the only 2 good things it has.

    the bad? all the rest: shity gameplay, boring plot, repetitive missions (really repetitive), too easy to beat and it won’t require you to plan or think anything, just go shoot kill. No music at all :S… so imagine spend the 30 hours developers said it will took to beat the game doing
    (a) get misson
    (b) kill guards and finally the boss
    (c) go back to get another mission equal to the one you did before

    damn, i lost my money with FC2, tetris is a lot more worth playing than this (at least you use your brain in tetris)

  20. omg and i got this game installed since 2010 damn! I thought some day i’ll return and beat it, hell no! Uninstalling and throwing away the dvd, anyone want it? i’ll give it for free.

  21. The game was actually a waste of money i only completed 40% of the main story and then just gave up. The aiming was stiff. I couldn’t get to my destination without being chased by another jeep, i couldn’t hide in the jungle while shooting with my silencer as they would be able to spot me after one shot. If you get out of your jeep there are AI magically spawn behind you and run you over and the health the AI have is incredible they can take about 7-10 bullets from a 50 cali mounted on a jeep. I have just been pissed with myself for wasting money.

  22. You guys are noobs, since no one here knows about stealth and cannot use a silenced pistol, the game is actually great

  23. This review is right on, 100%. I played through the whole game hoping it would get better. Spoiler alert: it didn’t. Boring as hell. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being QWOP or Pong and 10 being Half Life 2 or Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I’d give this game a 3 at BEST.

  24. FAR CRY 2 is a screwed up motherfucking asshole.You have to kill your own buddies , the storyline is weak & your arch rival does not kill you and stuff like that.Looks like the makers of this game were always short of decent plot and could not quite make up their minds.I think the makers of this game are GAY and STUPID.

  25. Wow it seems Im among the mass minority that actually enjoyed this game. Stealth worked for me even when using a loud bolt action sniper rifle, I could usually wipe out either all but one or two or half of the guys depending on how many were there before being noticed. and even when found out having a good sniper post is still useful. I enjoyed the weapon degradation and the small grip of fear as your weapon jammed mid battle. Sure the driving around was a little tedious but I enjoyed the down time between missions and if you stay off the roads you can enjoy the scenery and avoid the enemies. The Buddy system was cool and you actually get attached to your buddies( I did anyway). As far as games go this game isnt perfect but its not as bad as people are saying it is….

  26. this is one of the worst games ever i played it in 2009 and my ps3 crashed and i lost my save data. it became free a few months ago on ps plus so i downloaded it to try it again. it takes 15 minutes to get thru the first scene that your forced to watch. both times i got to about the 3rd mission and my ps3 crashed. so i just tried the game again something made me want to go back and find something to like about this game. i started it up and went outside and cut my grass and came back to see the ending of the beginning scene (yes its that long) now i have no clue wtf im doing really the map takes up my whole screen yet i dont know where im going still and have to keep opening it. and then i get fired upon driving when im looking at it, end result is both our cars explode and i walk for 20 minutes. if you go off road somewhere to explore and your car flips or gets stuck thats it for you just reload a save point. everything in this article is true this is the worst game ever. whoever was the lead designer needs to be shot. im guessing it was david jaffe

  27. @coppertopper
    I thought it was just me that relize these problems existed. I only bought the game because it received a high score and the third FarCry3 looked awesome, so i wanted to get a fill for the story. Everything you said hit the head on the nail. and ive only played for about 3 hrs now and i am sick of it.

  28. In one word: Tedious.

    This business of the missions being able to be completed in various ways (the main “good” thing mentioned by the people who claim to like this game) would be fine, if the getting to and from missions wasn’t so boring and repetitive. (The “original” farcry had this right. The missions/scenes could often be approached in more than one way, but the between-missions stuff wasn’t so painful. The linear/free balance was perfect (for me). If they’d made a true Far Cry sequal, we’d have had a classic.)

    The driving is pretty much required. If I want to walk, I’ll do it in the real world. And to have to go through the same darn checkpoints again and again, is just boring. Even if going “around” the checkpoints as one commenter suggested, you still have to do that again and again. Boring.

    All of the “extra” elements they added to this game to add to the RPG-ishness or add “excitment” or “variability”, pretty much just miss it for me. e.g.
    Malaria? Well, just pressing H when required is hardly exciting. And doing missions for certain people to get the pills is just annoying. It’s probably to add a sense of urgency to that type of mission. It doesn’t.
    Random encounters on the road? Just an annoyance between missions. Possibly there to make all the driving less tedious, but a bad way to achieve that.
    Gun failures and upgrade buying? Tedious. And the extra crappy guns at the start just make it harder to get into the game. (And give me names, not just outlines, when I see guns during game play. I don’t play games to become a weapon spotter.)
    Diamond cases sprinkled around? Nice for pokemon players (“gotta catch ’em all”). Otherwise an unrealistic distraction from the game. Just a silly way to use up some more of that map-space that’s apparently so wonderful.
    Toilets? Seriously, I’m surprised they didn’t add to the “realism” by making you go behind a bush every few hours to press P for, well, pee.

    This game could have been something very special (not just for the few “special” people who liked it). But for me (and from what I’ve seen, most people) it’s a huge missfire.

    I’d only buy Far Cry 3 after carefully reading a very good collection of balanced reviews.

  29. im currently doing a mission and my objective is “free the captive from the bricked up building at the fishing camp” and i already did it and killed the guys outside of the building and it does’nt tell me mission complete and it keeps showing me the objective on the map. is this a glitch or something ?

  30. Dead on review. It takes about half an hour to get to the first 3 guys to shoot with a barely controllable AK 47, pump 6 bullets in them, fail to kill them by this, then by necessity finish them off with a machette whilst taking AK rounds yourself. I never want to replay the game. Frankly, having played it a bit, I don’t want to see more of this game. I’m uninstalling the game now. It’s overcomplicated and polluted with bad and tedious RPG elements. The action is little, no fun, and unrewarding, especially considering the learning curve. Aside from the graphics and sound, a total fail.

  31. i’m currently playing it, and yea, i agree with all above. i played far cry 3 too, i enjoyed it but i dunno while i find many drawbacks in this game i find that i enjoy it more than FC3. anyway i don’t mind the animations because i died like 2 times and i’m already in act 2. the worst things in this game are :
    -enemies are constantly spawning (in FC3 you could capture a guard post and then you could drive through it and there were no enemies there, in FC2 there’s always enemies in guard posts even if you capture them)

    -like the reviewer said, it’s alot of driving, the secondary missions all are the same and the worst thing there you can’t drive 10 meters without someone shooting at you.after 2 hours of constantly playing it this becomes very annoying.

    -you can’t carry more ammo, and you need alot of ammo when there are like 10 guys ambushing you and yea if you don’t shoot them directly in the head they won’t die even after 10 bullets.

    -there’s no actual story in this game. i mean there’s just so little story, i think you could tell someone. in like 20-30 seconds the entire FC2 story.

    Despite these drawbacks i will finish the game sometime, it has some fun elements too.

  32. I love far cry2

    If you like realistic mercenary sanboxy things its very creative

    1. If i fired a silenced gun. everybody would hear it and come running to my exact location, The stealth is perfect, upon dispatching a foe it is possible to hide and take advange of the situation, not always. just like real life.
    2. annimation is beauty, if you like having a floating quake gun in the middle of your screen and nothing else, then you are alone.
    3. The map and radar are not on the UI because that is very 1990’s and there are new animations and tactful realistic elements in acctually pulling out a map to see where you are , its what any hardened merc would do.
    4. FIRE, you canburn everything and everyone to a crisp the wind effects brush fires.
    5.Shootinging in jungles is like that scence in predator when they chop down the forrest with a minigun.it just feels so right opening a can of whup and leveling a forest leaving a shadow of its former glory.
    6. running through the missions is very linear, its best played with no real purpose, sniping, bombing, hacking and learning the realism in the game. Then occasionally do a mission, i can see why people consider that a waste of a good life.but most gamers playMMOs.

  33. Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

  34. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

  35. @Yuri You’re a “noob” for liking FarCry2? I love how most of the people complaining on here have only played the game for about 1-2 hours. I got pissed off at it after the first 1-2 hours, right from the start. If you get into it it’s not so bad. You just have to not get pissed off because of the realism in it… People are always asking for a realistic game, here it is, your guns break, doors don’t magically open, most of the time playing is spent driving, and you actually have to come up with a strategy before you run guns blazing into a location like pretty much ALL other shooter games. Yes it’s annoying when you die, yes it’s annoying when your buddies die, yes it’s annoying when you try to drive past a guard post and two cars come chasing after you and f**k you up, that’s part of the game, deal with it. The story behind it is well made and the gameplay is decent enough, it’s ok in my books

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  37. I agree that the game is flawed, in multiple ways, but it’s more a matter of opinion than you think. YOU tend to enjoy the more popular crap that holds your hand and tells you what to do and how to do it. People like you claim to like open-world sandbox games (I’m not saying you personally do, but you’re just like 99% of other people who do), then when you get a game that truly gives you freedom and immersion, you ram it and tell everybody that they shouldn’t buy it. It’s YOUR opinion- and your opinion is that if you actually have to use your brain occasionally, it’s no fun. That’s fine and dandy, but some of us do. I bet you have no idea of how much like a whiny little b**ch you sound- ‘waaaa there’s no radar, waaaa it’s too hard’.
    Like I said, I understand it’s your opinion, but that’s the thing- it’s your opinion, not other peoples’. If you ever want to be considered a professional reviewer, you’re going to have to start acting like a professional. If there are people who liked the game, it doesn’t mean they were bribed, and you make yourself look like an ignorant d**k when you accuse them of corruption or bribery.
    Personally, I loved Far Cry 2. I’m nobody (like you)- what reason would I have to say that if I didn’t, and what does it matter- I can’t change your opinion and I don’t care to. Are you going to accuse me of bribery? (I wouldn’t be surprised if you did)

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