Faxion Online First Screenshots

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UTV True Games sent over two brand new screenshots, the first released for their upcoming MMO Faxion Online.  There is also two concept art, giving a look at some of the possibly twisted humor the game is going to boast.

The two Faxion Online screenshots show off two character types.  The Crusader is a force for Heaven, whereas the Reaver will be on the side of Hell.  These two classes will be very strong and powerful warriors and very in touch with weapons and armor.  Both screenshots are taken in areas of Purgatory where open world PvP is possible.

The information sent over to us from UTV True Games adds:

[Ascedia Peaks’, where the Crusader’s screenshot is taken,] appearance reflects the arrogance and pride of man. At their most noble, the folk who dwell here exude extreme self-confidence, a true appreciation for a job well done, and a profound belief in their own abilities. At their most base, however, their pride descends into disdainful haughtiness, vain boasting, and ultimately megalomania.

[Purgatory Valley, the setting for the Reaver’s image, is a] lush tropical valley sits nestled among rocky cliffs where ancient, vine-strangled ruins stand as crumbling icons to numerous once-great civilizations. The seven-pointed, star-shaped city of Purgatory dominates the center of the valley, its towering walls looming over the gloomy floor of the jungle. The River Styx bisects both the valley and the city itself, where waterfalls plummet from the massive walls and spill into the river below.

Faxion Online itself is a territory control-based MMO, where the two factions, Heaven and Hell, fight over areas of Purgatory. It may answer the question ‘what would happen to humanity of Heaven and Hell were to have an open-world fight over man’s soul?’ Or not. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one as more information is released.  You can also sign up for a newsletter on the official site.

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  1. First glance, I’d rather play Warhammer online for Lotro. Since I will probably be playing Old Republic, why would I care about this “yet another fantasy RPG” anyway.


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