Faxion Online Launches Closed Beta

Have you been waiting for Faxion Online to launch its Closed Beta? Wait no longer. Today, UTV True Games has announced the launch of the closed beta of this Heaven vs. Hell PvP focused MMO, where an eternal battle in the seven deadly sins themed areas will take place.

Hell Freezes Over is the official title of the launching event, and the first batch of invites are being sent to the lucky chosen players that pre-registered. If you’re interested, you’re still in time to apply for the beta on the official website.

As stated on the press release, you’ll start your adventure in a war-torn limbo:

Upon entering the world of Faxion, players will find themselves in
war-torn limbo as they start their journey in the afterlife.  The
Seven Deadly Sins represent physical locations in the game, each with
its own immoral theme, and players will have the opportunity to
explore and discover the locations as they immerse themselves in
intense battle for the armies of Heaven or Hell.  Through each
manifestation of the Sins, players will encounter the people that
represent them. From the Gluttonous enjoying an eternal feast, to the
Prideful Atlans building their Tower into the skies, players must face
off against other inhabitants of the afterlife, limbo and the deadly
sins while vying for control of each deadly zone!

Faxion, internally developed by UTV True Games by a team of veterans of the industry, offers a PvP focused experience and a territory control system. A comical twist has been added to the formula, creating a quite unique game in its concept. Fighting other players endlessly is fun, but can be so repetitive. Adding a  good sense of humor to it, can be the key to making this game fun enough to succeed, while they polish it before final release.

Are you planning to give this game a try? Would you be good or bad? Now that Faxion Online launched Closed Beta and Hell freezes over, I wonder if the PvP focused MMO world will change. Stay tuned, we’ll tell you soon.