1. Too fast and jerky, and in my humble opinion, definitley doesn’t fit with the female Worgen’s ‘sinewy’ movement.
    I’m hoping this is only a test, and not the final dance. But knowing Blizz…

    Is it just me, or have Blizz skimped on the Alliance side when it comes to the dances? The only decent ones are the male Dwarf and the female Draenei, whereas on the Horde side the dances kick butt. Male Orc, male Tauren, male Undead, male Troll… (don’t think I need to go on do I?)

    Good call by Pixie tho.

  2. I’ll have to disagree with you Storm,

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I do think that Male Orc/Tauren/Troll dances are amazing, but still, Alliance has quite a few good dances as well.

    Like you said, Female Draenei and Male Dwarf dances are nice, I’d also add Male NE and Male Gnome.

    How can you not love Male Gnome’s dance?

    Now, if your comment is more like “blizzard likes the horde more than the alliance because they have the coolest dance animations :( “, then i’ll have to respectfully disagree with you once again.


  3. Aww, I was hoping for Shakira. Still, though, this one’s fun and a nice reference to pop culture and an artist who is quickly becoming a lyrical, dance and overall performance icon. When it comes to Gaga, I would have preferred Bad Romance, but Blizz has probably been working on this since before that single… Whatever. I’m happy :)

  4. @ Carlos.

    It’s nothing at all to do with the ‘horde are better than Alliance’ arguments, as both Factions have their cool and uncool aspects in my eyes.

    The rest of the dances kinda fit the race/sex theyre atached to, all except the Worgen. and have you heard the travesty that is the female Worgen voice?

  5. Lady Gaga? C’mon! I agree with Prixie, Shakira would have been 10 times better. The Worgen are not supposed to be some mechanical and clunky characters so their dance moves should be the same. Especially the female.

    If this is the dance emote for the female Worgen I am never going to use the /dance ever again.

  6. I like it personally. I was hoping for Bad Romance because I think it would fit SO WELL, but this is fun.

    I don’t really like it when she swings her arms though. They’re too long for that.

    WHY do people want Shakira? If they’re thinking of She-wolf they don’t know what dancing is.

  7. Alejandro has a cool sequence that can be used for a dance for the worgen. That way you are still sticking with Lady Gaga. I think some problems may come from parents about the toon grabbing her own breasts. Me, I could care less but I can see it happening……america….

  8. Pokerface = hide the real emotions while playing poker. Seeing Worgen are two faced, kinda hits the spot. Doesnt it? :)

  9. Pokerface = hide the real emotions while playing poker. Seeing Worgen are two faced, kinda hits the spot. Doesnt it? :)

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