Final Fantasy XI: June Update Promises New Moblin Maze Mongers Instance

Final Fantasy XI’s development team recently released details on a new maze (FFXI’s version of an instance) stuffed with a new villain and a plethora of deadly bosses set to launch in their scheduled June update to the game.

The announcement of the new addition to the popular maze system puts players at the mercy of the subtly evil-named Sadistiq who throws your team up against a uniquely powerful monster every fifteen minutes and hands out rewards based on how well your team squares off against the creature. Interestingly enough, even if you can’t take down the beast you’re tossed in with, certain rewards are still granted.

Although the FFXI team hasn’t released many details on their forthcoming addition, this latest news shows that the Final Fantasy XI June Update offers a nice take on instancing and promises other cool goodies in store based off previous ideas that worked well in the game.

For the official announcement from PlayOnline’s Final Fantasy XI team, click here.