For the Hoard 3: The Brand New Celestial Steed Mount

I did it. I took the plunge. Whether you agree with the politics of it or not, the Celestial Steed Mount is here to stay. And being the mount hoarder that I am, I had to have it.

This brand new mount that Blizzard introduced in its store Thursday (along with the adorable, albeit loud L’il XT) scales with your riding proficiency, and is both a ground and flying mount, scaling up to 310 percent speed — if you have a mount that goes that fast already, that is. Plus, it’s a sparkly Pegasus. I couldn’t pass this up! But is it worth the $25 pricetag? Join me as I buy this new mount and take it for a test drive, and judge for yourself.

AND make sure to watch to the end of the video for a sneak-peek into Lore Hound’s next contest. With a video on the Celestial Steed mount, just what kind of in-game loot could we possibly be giving away as a contest prize!? And how do you enter?! We’ll make a post with the full details soon. But until then, watch to the end of the episode for info on how to win!


  1. When I had seen it’s model on MMO-Champion I thought it looked really cool, however after seeing it was purchasable it became much less special to me, since so many people have them. I then, after seeing it in game, am not so fond of the model. I believe the neck looks a bit stretched and most of all I don’t think it’s scaled very well. It looks like it’s too small compared to most mounts.
    Anyway, being that I’m a mount collector and getting a 112th mount is not something I’d complain about, especially since it’ll be 310%: /followed

  2. My character’s name is Nebyula, and I love the stars and astronomy more than anyone I know. This mount was made for me, I swear.

    All I need to complete the picture is my Starcaller title, and the drop from Algalon: Nebula Band.

  3. But but… I’m not on twitter. And refuse to be on twitter. =o(

    But apparently everyone and their sister have this mount. It’s pretty, but I guess this makes my wind ride that more unique. :oP

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