Forsaken World Launches Early on March 9th, Details Guild System in Fifth Dev Diary

Perfect World’s latest offering, Forsaken World, has been a stupendous undertaking with an enormous effort from both California and Amsterdam. Set in the mythical world of Eyrda, Forsaken World is heavily based on ancient mythology. The game features five races: Humans, Kindred, Elves, Stonemen, and Dwarves. Each boasts their own strengths and weaknesses, along with specific item sets — both combat and fashion-oriented. The game is set to be free-to-play with a largely vanity-based item shop, as is the case with most other Perfect World titles.

With the finale of their longest beta to date underway, Perfect World Entertainment is very anxious to get the title out early. This was made possible by the dedicated investment with which beta testers assisted developers every step of the way. To celebrate the early release of the game, Perfect World has released its fifth developer diary video, which can be seen above. Forsaken World goes live on March 9th, but you can get in early on the open beta by visiting the official site.