Free Realms Embraces Its Agrarian Side with New Farming Feature

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This week, Sony Online Entertainment hands over the pitchfork with the implementation of farming activities in Free Realms. As a game that caters to an increasingly wide audience with varying age levels, Free Realms makes a genuine effort to combat the specter of tedium that hangs over every massive title. To that end, the game has been quite successful; the official site gives new players an idea of the assortment of activities at their disposal:

Decorate your house, then invite your friends over for a party! Teach your pet a new trick or dress them up in a sweet costume! Battle enemies as you search for lost treasure or duel other players, mine for gold, cook up a meal, or race your car!

With this update, players will receive a free “Wilds Farm” instance, where they can cultivate and customize crops, chase vermin, and – as always – ┬áinvite friends to join the fun. As you level your farm up (there are 20 levels), the acreage will increase, along with seeds, tools, items, and quests. However, free players will only be able to reach level 5 before they will need to convert to a paid account. As of right now, the farming feature is completely available to all players — all you need to do is log in! Below is a full list of the features coming with Free Realms’ farming update:

  • New Wilds Farm instance for every player
  • Use farming tools to keep farms clear of weeds, obstacles, and pests
  • Harvest crops in the overworld and convert them to seeds for planting
  • Plant, water, and grow a wide variety of crop types and be sure to chase away the critters
  • Experiment with the Farm-O-matic machine to create new hybrid crops
  • Harvest crops and trade them in the Farmers Market for rewards
  • Play mini-games and convert harvested crops into coin
  • Visit friends’ farm to earn more coin
  • Cool items available in the marketplace to boost farm production


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