Funcom: Dark Days are Coming

There is a little known MMORPG in the works over at Funcom. As I am sure everybody knows at this point, they are the same company who is currently developing the extremely hyped Age of Conan MMO, which in all fairness does look absolutely awesome. So what about their other project?

Announced last May, The Secret World is planned to be an action-packed MMO filled with mystery, intrigue, and horror. No telling yet what kind of horror, but one could assume, based off the concept art above, that it will be the same type of horror that can be found the famous Arkham Horror board game. That is to say: other worldly monsters, Cthulu, possibly vampires and lycan.

Unfortunately, there is no additional information on the game and any concept art is buried deep within a bunch of websites and puzzles. Not really worth the effort, if you ask me. I’ll be waiting for the real deal screenshots. However, for those who absolutely can’t  wait to hear about more of this MMO, they do have a forum set up, which includes a post about some very interesting articles, such as:

  • Mention of the “Illuminati”
  • Has something to do with the Knights Templar
  • Possibility this has something to do with the infamous year 2012
  • London, New York, and Shanghai are all destroyed?

It’s all very fascinating stuff and it gives me hope that we will soon be enjoying an occult MMORPG. Of course, as there is still a lot of mystery shrouding this game anything could change. We will definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

Puzzle can be found HERE.

Concept art can be found HERE. (Don’t click if you want to solve the puzzles yourself)

Forum can be found HERE.


  1. We desperately need new genres of MMOs, the Fantasy and sci-fi genre are getting a bit over chewed!

    I for once welcome the change.

    Looking forward to more “official” news.

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