Game On with The Guild — Bollywood Style

Game On, cast of The Guild. Game On.

The hit MMOG IRL web series The Guild today released another music video to keep the gaming masses enthralled. This time, the Bollywood style, dance-tacular tune deals with some of the same themes which Felicia Day’s character, Codex, is battling in Season 4 of the series.

Gaming versus real life, and how to balance the two, takes center stage. So does  Zaboo, aka Sandeep Parikh, who shares singing duties with Day.

Some of my favorite moments — Bladezz (played by Vincent Caso) doing the Orc/ Hammer dance, Tinkerballa (Amy Okuda) dancing like a pro, Vork (Jeff Lewis) donning 8 arms, Clara (Robin Thorsen) eyeballing the man-candy.

And, of course, the witty banter that includes lines like, “I’ll press your hot keys” and “Never g-quit on me, we’ve got keyboard chemistry.”

The video premiered at San Diego Comic-Con and also coincides with the airing of Season 4 of the show, currently up to episode 2. Coincidentally, today also happens to be the three year anniversary of the show’s launch.

Anyhow, enough babbling about what’s inside — let’s get to the video, already!

I’m not sure if it quite competes with Do You Wanna Date My Avatar, but that opinion is likely to change after I’ve heard it a few dozen more times :D. Plus, DYWDMA is a HUGE hit to try to pull off a 2nd time. But I wish them luck and success. The show and video are live on MSN, Xbox Live and Zune — and the song will apparently be for sale on iTunes next week.

Can’t get enough of Felicia Day’s singing antics? Click through for a look back at The Guild’s first music video, Do You Wanna Date My Avatar, plus the first two episodes of Season 4 of The Guild — all behind the cut.


  1. The Guild is just amazing. I’m really looking forward for the next few episodes.

    “The Legend of Neil” is another amazing Webshow, definitely worth watching.

  2. I don’t know. I loved the show the first three Seasons.

    Though, they said it would be ready for Season 4 by May/June. Episode 1 came out like two weeks ago. I don’t mind delays if it means it’s going to be better. But another month+ off and we get two episodes that are about 6 minutes, I don’t think it’s worth it.

    I’m still watching it though.

  3. I agree that Do you want to date my avatar was better, but I am still enjoying having the new series. I’ve been watching since early season 2 and it’s kept me hooked ever since. I look forward to seeing the rest of season 4.

    Also, I second Carlos that “The Legend of Neil” is amazing. It’s written and directed by Sandeep (Zaboo) and even stars Felicia Day. Even better though is that season 3 just started! Squee!
    > effinfunny. com/legend-of-neil

    Another web series you might be interested in, which isn’t as good as, but is still worth a few laughs is “Squatters”, which Sandeep plays a small roll in. > squatterstheseries. com

    Finally if you’re just a fan of web shows, there’s the Platoon of Power Squadron, which doesn’t feature anyone from the guild, but is still a really funny new web show. You can find that at youtube, just search for ‘platoon of power squadron’ – their channel name is pineappleboyfilms.

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