Gamerkraft Unveils Aida Arenas, a F2P Brawler

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Today, Gamerkraft has announced their new F2p title, Aida Arenas. Billed as an MMORPG “Brawler”, Aida Arenas boasts a highly accessible environment where players can explore dungeons, fight monsters and battle friends through beat-em-up inspired mechanics.

Created by Korean developer GalaxyGate, Aida Arenas is set in an anime-esque world, complete with whimsical cartoon graphics and a light-hearted approach to, well, beating people up. According to Matthew Denomme, Marketing Manager for Game Bridger Entertainment (the publisher behind AA), the game should appeal to both hardcore and casual players with an intuitive and accessible control scheme.

Aida Arenas is slated to launch in the first quarter of this year, bringing with it a new entry to the Brawler subgenre. Be sure to check out the new game trailer at the official site, where you can also sign up to be among the first to know about launch!