Games Made to be MMOs

There are a lot of games being made out there. In fact there are so many being made across all platforms (Wii, PC, 360, PS3, DS, PSP, PS2, etc etc) that there are bound to be at least one or two titles that could very easily be made into an MMORPG given the story, world, or just playstyle. Some games, developer’s and publisher’s permiting, were made to be an MMORPG, and I have my personal picks right here. Enjoy.

  1. Mario. I know what you are thinking: “how can you possibly make an MMO out of a platforming game such as Mario?” Well that is left up to the developers. You see, what makes Mario such a great idea for an MMORPG isn’t the gameplay mechanics but the world. Like it or not the Mushroom Kingdom is an awesome world and one that is ripe for exploration and dungeons. The setting already has numerous enemies, towns, and a very large world. I’m not saying you would play as Mario, himself, but rather an anonymous person within the world. Perhaps they could even throw in some RvR gameplay mechanics and allow people to be on the “evil” side. I would totally rock a Goomba. Any naysayers need just look at what Square and Nintendo did with Mario RPG, the game was amazing.
  2. Zelda. You knew this one was coming. Seriously, Hyrule is one of the most epic kingdoms in any game anywhere. Again, Nintendo has set the stage with a huge world filled with multiple towns and a very real “bad guy”. I am, however, thinking this game could follow a more “Guild Wars”-esque style of [M]MORPG as opposed to a fully blown out WoW-styled MMORPG. The game could be more story-centric and provide some awesome side-games/quests. Zelda is known for its awesome extras.
  3. Pokemon. Nintendo serves up yet another awesome MMORPG idea. This is the last one, I promise. Pokemon started out way back when in the hayday of the Gameboy and was an instant success. The whole idea of capturing monsters and fighting other people with em is already an MMO unto itself, it is just lacking the other players. Although for those interested you can find a neat freebie Pokemon MMORPG here.
  4. Elder Scrolls: Any of them. Bethesda has created some awesome games, most notably Morrowind and Oblivion their perspective action-RPG games. The worlds are huge and incorporate a number of awesome skills combined with a near flawless FPS-type gameplay. This game/world is a PVPers wet dream and could be incorporated in nearly every aspect of the world. Of course, with this type of system, it is obvious that the people with better computers will be better players. Thats how these types of games work, I’m afraid. Still a good idea though, in my opinion, and with the opening of a new online studio this could very well become a reality.
  5. Knights of the Old Republic. Everybody knew this one was coming. In fact, I’d have feared for my life if I didn’t include this game. People are fanatical about it becoming an MMORPG and with good reason; the game is a masterpiece. BioWare created an awesome story for their version of the Star Wars empire and it only further proves as to what good story-telling can do. With this game set as a base for the background story the MMORPG could sweep in and play off of that. Of course with the recent revealing of a LucasArts and Bioware deal many hopefuls are already expecting the game to be in development. Unfortunately, we have our doubts.

Those are my top 5 picks for games that could/should be amde into an MMORPG. A lot of people will disagree with my choices, and some will probably have very good reasons. There are problems when making each one into an MMORPG as MMORPGs play very differently than most other types of games. However, given the time and work, any one of these games could be made into a stellar success. Is there any particular non-MMORPG game you’d like to see become an MMO? Tomorrow I’ll be listing my top 5 games that should NOT be an MMORPG, ever. Ever ever ever. No matter what.


  1. I would play all of them except for the Elder Scrolls MMO. I’m definitely not afraid to say I would love a Pokemon or Zelda MMORPG. A Mario one would be a little difficult to pull off but heck I’d play it.

  2. I don’t know if you could make a very strong MMORPG in the world of Mario or Zelda alone, however, if you went the route of Smash Brothers, you could definitely work something out. I would imagine the game to be focused more on PvE, where you could team up with a number of different characters that act as certain classes (e.g. Link is a ranged fighter with some melee, Mario is a hand-to-hand combatant with lots of acrobatic moves and suits to allow for various tasks, etc.).

    You could have various tasks or objectives for your party to complete. I would imagine this to be a lot more team-based, where you explore places like Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom.

    PvP could be introduced a la the Smash Brothers concept.

  3. On the contrary Snafzg they could make great MMOs, not everything has to be about the main characters, both The Mario Kingdom and Hyrule are huge worlds (especially if you count Hyrule’s other areas, including the Twilight Zone, The alternate world in Majora’s Mask,the minish world, the many islands Link’s found himself in on those GB Games…)

    Just thinking of that fact alone, both of those would work wonders as an MMO, provided they don’t screw it up of course.

    Theres a firm grasp of magic and weaponry in Hyrule, with a huge array of enemies using both, You could probably work in a few classes there, the generic warrior/hero class (Like Link), Spellcaster class(maybe it could be called a Sage Class?), There could be a class similar to Necromancy, where a character uses dark magic to summon redeads (Redeads are not zombies, but manifestations of dark magic),
    Theres several races in both games (Gorons, Gerudo, Zora, Hylians, Kokiri, Skull Kids, Ritos, etc.) and (Goombas, Plumbers (humans?), Toads, Bowser Kids, Boo, Koopas, etc.)

    They’ve got all they need for great MMOs except for a loose plot for the players to use.

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