Gear Check: Gearing Your Restoration Druid for Heroics

No longer relegated to a permanent tree form, choosing the right equipment for your Restoration Druid is more important than ever! But you’ll have to wait until you your gear is up to snuff before you start playing dress-up. As with all of our Cataclysm Gear Check guides, we’ve provided you with a variety of ways to hit that elusive 329 ilevel cap required for entrance to Heroic 5-man dungeons.

Remember that while it eventually evens out a bit once you outfit yourself with Heroic and raiding items, initial healing and mana management can be a little tricky in this expansion, even with the pieces shown below.

Stat Priority: Intellect > Spirit > Haste > Mastery > Crit

Generally, you are going to want all of your gear to have spirit on it. However, if a piece has a significant abundance of intellect, don’t hesitate grabbing it!

As a Druid, we are gifted with the nifty ability to wear cloth gear. Or more appropriately, we were. We now receive a intellect bonus for wearing all leather, so that is definitely worth going for.

Chances are if you have leveled to 85, you have ran into all of the six new factions this expansion. As it turns out, these guys are real nice and are willing to hand out some (more or less) free blues to get you started. I would recommend checking them out.

Once you’ve secured a few of these pieces, it’s time to venture out into the wild world of Cataclysm dungeons. Only dungeons with iLevel 316+ gear are worth your time. Here are some pieces to look out for:

Doing all these dungeons is tiring, lets me honest. And besides, as well all know, spell leather is really just a myth in dungeons. Luckily, Blizzard has catered to that fact and added some sweet gear you can buy for those Justice Points burning a hole in your pocket. Your going to want to turn your attention towards these:

Now that you have both gear and dungeon experience under your belt, are ready to begin pushing into heroics. I’ll be back next time bringing you a guide on raid-ready gear.

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