Global Agenda Fiction – In Your Nearest Dome City

EVE Online, probably the most visible sci-fi/futuristic MMO out there, has always benefited from the attention of gaming journalists and bloggers that are attracted to the various shenanigans going on in space. Needless to say, the actions of players are supported and granted additional meaning when you consider the cold, harsh universe that EVE has developed thanks to a successful combination of lore and game mechanics. This is further extended with the recent re-introduction of live events that rely on the same mix of lore and gameplay in order to engage players on a deeper level.

So, it is quite sad to see that other games in the genre, such as Global Agenda and Perpetuum, haven’t had the opportunity to devote resources for proper storytelling just yet. The lore of these games is largely static and only serves as a backdrop for the actions of users. The situation is somewhat remedied when you consider the various fiction submitted by fans. Set in the same world that players know and inhabit, these stories help develop the universe of a beloved game further.

Today, I’d like to give you a teaser for a story I wrote back in the beta days of Global Agenda. It was a competition created by fans for fans, and most of us were eager to participate. My entry started off as a short story that followed the template given to us – the Commonwealth has designed a powerful mech, the construction of which could endanger the livelihood of nearby agencies. However, the narrative quickly went off in a direction I never planned for it. The end-result was quite different to what I originally expected.

Nyx felt a tingle of worry as she recognized the name. “Laumeirs are by nature violent creatures,” she recalled the lively voice of instructor Loyaz, “they are quite big, with some species reaching three meters in height. They prefer to run in packs, much akin to the pride system used by creatures of the past, such as lions. Laumeirs feed on various mammals that inhabit the desert regions. Being extremely curious creatures, they especially like to attack human vehicles and other artifacts of technology, be it mechs or drones. You can sometimes spot laumeirs from a distance as they tend to wrap themselves up in their victim’s clothes and items.”

She readied herself and waited, patiently starring into the scope of her own weapon. The distant dots slowly turned into shapes and the shapes fluidly transformed into running beasts, their tongues sticking out in eagerness to catch up with the buggy. They looked like big kangaroos with their long flat ears, lean bodies and elongated necks. Sadly, kangaroos, a species that used to inhabit a continent far away have long been gone. “Instead, we have laumeirs,” sighed Nyx.

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