Global Agenda Goes Free-to-Play with "Free Agent" Expansion

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Latest to jump on the F2P train is Global Agenda, Hi-Rez Studios’ futuristic MMO shooter. By mid-April, the devs will release update 1.4, otherwise known as Free Agent, which will enable free access to all of the game’s content. Global Agenda has never had a subscription fee, with the only source of direct income coming from digital & physical box sales. With Free Agent, this $19.99 purchase price will be eliminated, allowing players to download, install, and log-in to the game without reaching for their wallets.

Up until the release of Free Agent, prospective players will still need to shell out the cash for Agenda, though they may choose to do so in light of the promised perks. When update 1.4 rolls around, any player that has previously purchased the game will receive an automatic upgrade to “Elite Agent” status, a rank that brings a laundry list of goodies:

  • Earn End-of-Mission XP at twice the rate of a Free-to-Play user
  • Earn End-of-Mission Credits and Tokens at twice the rate of a Free-Play user
  • Earn End-of-Mission Elite Loot upon winning an instanced PvE or PvP match
  • Choose which PvP gametypes you would like to play when queuing for Mercenary PvP.
  • Access the Auction House
  • Access In-Game Mail
  • Less restrictive chat capabilities
  • No ads for in-game voice
  • Ability to create Agencies
  • Higher Login priority

Players who choose to play as Free Agents can look forward to the following features. Click past the cut to check them out!

  • No Level Restriction
  • Ability to earn all of the game’s current items without spending real money.
  • Access to all of the game’s current playable content, including:
    • Sonoran Desert Open Zone
    • Special Ops PvE (1- to 4-person Co-Op)
    • 10v10 Mercenary PvP
    • 4v4 Arena PvP
    • Double Agent PvPE
    • 10-person Defense Raids (including the new Dome Defense Mission coming in version 1.4).
    • Agency vs Agency Gameplay (AvA)

The version 1.4 Free Agent update, expected to go live in mid-April, will support free play across all character classes through level 50.  This update also introduces a new Dome Defense Raid as high-level player content, a CTF- style Mercenary PvP game-mode with pilotable robots, revised skill-trees across all four character classes, and other changes and content.

Free agents will always have the opportunity to upgrade to Elite status and reap the benefits.