Global Agenda: If (Recursive Colony = True) Then Introduce It; Else Impatient++

On September 21st, Hi-Rez Studios released the much-anticipated free expansion Recursive Colony onto the live servers for its popular MMO shooter, Global Agenda. Recursive Colony is Global Agenda’s largest content update to date and its first major expansion since the game went free-to-play.

Recursive Colony is centered around the idea that the  humans of Dome City are being attacked by a hive-minded army of robot-building robots bent on the destruction of humans, and yes, I am very close to making a reference to the Terminator series. The new hive mind doesn’t just add a few new instanced missions and some flairs. That wouldn’t do for the cluster’s grandiose plans. Instead, an entire new zone, PvP maps, and daily repeatable missions will keep players coming back for more.

Good thing the resources are apparently infinite.

“North Sonora,” the new zone added to Global Agenda‘s map, holds the shooter’s major new content. By popular demand, the developer added in a series of chain quests and repeatable quests to give players something to focus on besides the grind of instanced PvE/PvP missions. These quests can either be done by solo agents or in teams. Depending on the mission, players may find themselves exploring the open world or sent with a band of your friends into a Skyne- I mean Recursive Colony -hive to take the fight to the machines.

An interesting twist to the normal system is the introduction of 4-man defense raid missions, which are available to lower level players (level 20+) and to groups of about 1-4 people. In an effort to add a dynamic feel, the developer added some missions that will change the zone’s environment, giving that feeling that every mission can possibly change the world around you.

Why should I be excited about the addition of now-routine daily quest? Well, in addition to the XP and trash loot – important for crafting –  for your hard work fending off the colony, Hi-Rez includes nice consolation of new flairs, trails, dyes, blueprints, and pets to keep you warm at night and to show off your awesomeness to your friends.

Yes, join the recursive destruction of the recursive colony and you can look cool too!

The Recursive Colony isn’t  all about instant robot deconstruction and colorful new armor. The expansion continues Hi’Rez’s trend of incremental updates to its freshman entry. New updates to the user interface and some more player-friendly updates for the current and even the new agent were included. Hi-Rez Studios revamped its tutorials to be more class specific to help new players start on the right foot and get them well acquainted with their class. Travel between different open zone instances and open zone cross-instance chat have been added, enabling better communication with friends. Crafting has been improved. Players can now find components in the zone easier, giving crafters a leg up in leveling. Let’s not forget the ability that now lets you disconnect to the character screen making it so that you no longer have to deal with logging back into the game. Subtle, yet highly requested. From the large revamping of the tutorials to the small improvement to the vendor item previewing, Hi-Rez has helped improve its system to make players spend less time trying to figure out how to do things and more time protecting Dome City from the Recursive Colony.

In the end, I’m very proud of Hi-Rez for making an already great game into an even better experience by adding in so many improvements. The continuous improvements and free content keep players coming back for more. That’s common in a subscription-based game, but even more applaudable in a free-to-play title.

As a fairly new player myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed Global Agenda so far and have only had my enjoyment of the game increase with this new expansion. You can really tell that Hi-Rez Studios has a great love for the community and I’m sure it begets positive feedback from the fans. I’m hoping to see more great stuff come out for Global Agenda soon but for now…  I still need to finish my dailies.

This is Beararms signing off and saying “I’ll Be Back”.

(I couldn’t help myself.)


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