Global Agenda Pricing Announced [Update]

mmoc_global_agenda_pricingGlobal Agenda, the game (in)famous for “No Elves“, will be mixing up the MMOG pricing structure when it launches next year.  Hi-Rez Studios announces that the MMOG will come in two flavors, a one-time purchase of $50, or a monthly subscription rate of $12.99 per month, with discounted rates for three and six months respectively.

“Throughout our Beta process, our fans, players and reviewers have consistently told us that Global Agenda’s combat system is exceptionally fun and that they would love to play it as a multiplayer shooter” said Todd Harris, Executive Producer. “This single-purchase, non-subscription model will enable players to fully experience Global Agenda’s award-winning persistent shooter gameplay.”

“At the same time, many players are seeking a deeper experience, and want to engage in large-scale campaigns between player-created groups over limited territory and resources. These players can opt for the Conquest subscription plan which includes our persistent AvA world domination gameplay, and other features typically associated with MMOs.”

As eluded to by Todd Harris, the one-time purchase can be considered a lite version of Global Agenda, offering the core game with some basic MMOG amenities.  However, it will lack some very basic features, including an Auction House, Mailbox system and player crafting.  For those amenities players will have to shell out for the subscription option, dubbed Conquest.  Conquest will include the standard MMOG functionality and many features unique to Global Agenda, such as the Alliance vs Alliance warfare and the game’s own twist on extra character customization, additional Co-Op (PvE) content and areas.

Choice is a good thing.

The pricing model, as announced, does leave some questions.  Are Conquest subscribers required to purchase the game in full, or are those gamers going to be given a break in price?  Will one-time purchasers be able to transition to a subscription account easily?  We’ve contacted Hi-Rez Studios for clarification.  If you have further questions, please leave them in the comments.

Read the full breakdown of accessible content per model here.

Global Agenda is currently in closed beta, with development scheduled to wrap in Q1 2010.  We’ll be checking out the title at GameX this weekend.


Hi-Rez has returned our query for clarification.  Those looking to subscribe will indeed have to purchase the game (no discount available) and transitioning from a one-time purchaser to a subscriber will be possible, and painless.

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