Global Agenda “Sandstorm” Defensive Raid Footage

The final phase of Global Agenda‘s first expansion, “Sandstorm,” is slated to hit very soon and one of the new features being added to the game is Defensive Raids. iTZKooPA discussed this mode briefly with Hi-Rez Studios’ Erez Goren at E3, but we didn’t have any actual footage of it until now.

Even though it’s called a “raid,” it works a little bit differently from what we’re used to seeing in an MMO (and it pretty much has to considering the action-oriented nature of the game). Usually, you just traipse into a dungeon and the bosses all sit there waiting for you to come within 10 feet of them before attacking. Global Agenda‘s baddies aren’t quite so forgiving. In fact, they come after you. Every once in awhile, an alarm will go off in Dome City (the hub area) signaling an impending attack by outside forces. It’s then up to the players to queue up and band together in order to defend their city from waves and waves of robotic attackers. If they manage to kill the core you’re protecting, you lose. If you hold them off, then you’re treated to an epic battle against a gigantic boss (and, presumably, some appropriate rewards).

Sound cool to you? Check out the footage from the dev blog below:


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