Global Agenda to Hit Retail Shelves in Europe

Global Agenda will hit store shelves in Europe, courtesy of premier-publisher Iceberg Interactive. After a successful digital-only launch, Hi-Rez Studios and Iceberg Interactive decided that the game should have a boxed version released in Europe. The English-language European Retail release is planned for early September 2010, with a German release following shortly after. ┬áThe release will include Global Agenda‘s upcoming Sandstorm expansion pack, as well as other previously unreleased content, introducing a wide array of new devices, weapons and content into the game, including Open PvE zones and a large-scale PvP Warzone featuring 64-player battles. So, Europeans, keep checking your local game stores for a boxed version of Global Agenda, soon. For more information on the game itself, visit the official site or read our detailed Global Agenda review.