Going Crazy for Pokemon GO

As someone who literally grew up with Pokemon, the notion of bringing Pokemon into my world was so exciting. Then poof, it was here, and it took the world by storm.

This game has pushed the boundaries of app gaming. Of course the die-hard Pokemon fans were quick to download. What really amazed me was how many other people downloaded as well. Some played Pokemon as a child, and felt nostalgic and decided to try it out. Some people have kids who love Pokemon so they downloaded it, and found themselves becoming fans well. I have a friend who has no idea what Pokemon is, but he drives for Uber and loves finding these random creatures on his travels.

krabby_pokemongoIt’s fun, easy to pick-up, and is a whole different way to interact with your environment. This game has gotten people out of their seats, and outside exploring the great outdoors. On the weekend, you can head to the park and see tons of people of all ages out hunting for Pokemon. I particularly enjoy the snippets about Pokestops. Tons of random information included for the sure-to-come Jeopardy Pokemon GO edition!

I recently discovered some coworkers are also playing Pokemon GO. Please note that these are people that I have only previously made small talk at the watercooler. Now we are getting together for lunch, driving to a park, and catching Pokemon. My boss is worried there won’t be enough coverage when we go because that’s how many people are playing.

Sure, the game is a bit glitchy, and yes, the servers like to go down. But think about HOW many people are playing, and this is brand new! I’m sure there will be upgrades in the future. As I am writing this article, Pokemon GO already has millions of downloads. With such a huge success I can’t wait to see what Niantic and The Pokemon Company will have in store for us.