Grand Chase Updates to Season 3

Grand Chase, the popular brawler MMO from Ntreev, has announced that it’s launching into its third season. Season 3 will be launched in two parts: Act 1 this month, and Act 2 in May.

Grand Chase: Season 3 will introduce a few major updates to the game, including revised missions, items, user interfaces, along with new dungeons and lands. Alcrubra, a new desert area, will appear beyond Silver Land and will include a serious amount of dungeons: the Goblin Work Site, Underpass of Lost Hope, Kungji Village, and Sands of Illusion. Another new area will be Archimedia along with the dungeon Hammer’s Reach. Equipment and items will receive an overhaul, making them easier due to stat normalization. The interface will also be receiving a facelift, missions will receive a reward scaling system and there will be a few technical updates as well.


  1. seems like everyone isnt able to get on game getting pretty mad my mom spends 40 dollars a month on this game please help

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