Guild Wars 2: 24/7 PvP

With Guild Wars 2 beta on the horizon, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game, specifically on the World vs World vs World PvP system. This is the first triple-A MMO game that I can remember in a loooong time that actually allows players to PvP exclusively from level one, all the way up to the cap, and is exactly what I plan to do.

No more boring quests; no killing rats; no deliveries, no linear story to follow and no random pointless NPCs to please. I won’t have any of it. The moment the first round of WvsWvsW beings, I will be exclusively battling it out against other players to help my server gain glory and power. With any luck, hopefully, I won’t have to touch the PvE part of the game ever. We’ll maybe not never, I don’t mind raids and high level dungeons so much, so I’ll probably dabble in those once I hit the cap.

My one worry about WvsW is the speed at which players level up. We all know PvE has lots of mechanics to gain XP with, but with GW2’s PvP, I’m really not quite sure. There needs to be a balance so that both level up at about the same speed, however that’s easier said than done. Some PvP players might decide to stay off the front-lines and instead help gather resources and craft, while others might exclusively fight.  EXP distribution will be a large factor as to what players decide to spend their time doing and if there’s a large imbalance, it might end up crippling the first few rounds of WvsW until they get it right.

With that said, I have full confidence in ArenaNet and will be pre-ordering my copy on day one. See you on the battlefield.

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  1. I’ll be out in the PvE world a bit, mainly to see how the ‘not-quests’ work. But for the most part, I’ll be doing the same. Very excited by this prospect.

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