Guild Wars 2: Asura Week Announced

August brought us Sylvari week and starting Monday ArenaNet is introducing Asura week which will reveal more information about that little race known as the Asura.  With four of the five races already covered, Asura Week will complete what’s left of the Guild War 2 playable races.

Asua Week will begin on Sept 12, Monday and will cover mainly lore and development process behind creating this tiny race.

Below is next weeks schedule:

  • Monday, 9/12 – An asura character design blog post by concept artist Matthew Barrett, the key artist responsible for the look of the asura.
  • Monday, 9/12 – BONUS! We’re throwing in an extra asura short story by loremaster Jeff Grubb!
  • Tuesday, 9/13 – An asura environmental design blog post by Matthew Barrett that takes a closer look at asura architecture and props.
  • Tuesday, 9/13 – Hey, Bookah! This advice column provides smart asura answers to stupid questions.
  • Wednesday, 9/14 – Writing the asura blog post by Writer Angel McCoy, with audio examples of asura chatter.
  • Thursday, 9/15 – Asura animation blog post by Lead Animator Heron Prior, with video examples of unique asura animations.
  • Thursday, 9/15 – We’re updating the asura web page with new lore by Jeff Grubb, new screenshots and wallpapers, and a brand new asura feature video.
  • Friday, 9/16 – A narrative asura blog post by Ree Soesbee that explores the world of the asura through fiction.