Guild Wars 2: Daniel Dociu's Stunning Concept Artwork

[singlepic id=899 w=580 h=326 float=center]

Earlier this month, ArenaNet Creative Director Daniel Dociu made a trip to a Shanghai Games Developers Conference to share his experiences with multimedia and it’s implications within game development. China GDC attendees were then treated to some of the most detailed and inspired concept art to ever be associated with an MMO, let alone Guild Wars 2. Coupled with his lecture, the artwork reinforced Dociu’s belief that, “…concept art, when properly integrated into game design can impact and influence the success of a game.”

Judging by the hype generated by Guild Wars 2 so far, we can be sure that the creative team at ArenaNet are an extremely talented and ambitious group. Do yourself a favor, and check out the incredible imagery that was displayed during Dociu’s presentation here.