Guild Wars 2 Dungeons Explored

Today we have some new information as to how dungeons in Guild Wars 2 work and what players can expect.  In short all dungeons will instanced and will require a group of players to complete. Sorry solo’ers.

These dungeons are also not for beginner’s, with the lowest dungeon level requirement being level 35.  Currently ArenaNet has created eight dungeons in Tyria, although there could be more by the time GW2 is released.

There are two versions of each dungeon, a story version and an explorable version.  The first time a player runs through the dungeon they will be forced to complete the story version, then once that has been completed they will open up the explorable version.   Going further with that, each explorable version has 3 versions of it, each with different challenges and goals.  So really each dungeon can be played 4 times, making the dungeon count 32 instead of 8.  The story version can only be played once, however the explorable versions can be played as many times as the player wants.

Dungeons will be an optional part of Guild Wars 2, for those seeking a bigger challenge and will not effect the ability to complete the personal story line.  However those not willing to enter the dungeons will miss out on its treasures as each dungeon has its own unique armor and weapons that cannot be found anywhere else.

For more detailed information about dungeons in GW2, head over the the official site.


  1. Wow, only 8 dungeons in the entire game, they are instanced, and they require level 35 before entering?

    Until this moment I was going to buy GW2. Not anymore.

  2. Kydad, did you even read the rest of the article? THERE ARE 32 DUNGEONS at the least due to the different experiences you get each time you go in. That and even though this article didn’t mention it, ArenaNet have said that dungeons also have dynamic events for them just like outside of dungeons so that the experience varies even further each time.

    Also, ArenaNet have said that the lowest level dungeon requires lvl35. Not all of them require that level and you get new ones as you go through the game.

  3. Verix –

    I can’t believe you people fall for this stuff. “Wow! There’s actually 32 dungeons, not 8 because you have a different experience each time!!!”. What a load of BS. There are more dungeons because the first time is “story mode”??? Seriously?

    That’s like saying that Pong had 32 levels because you could choose to play the computer at “novice”, “moderate”, “hard” and “ultra” difficulty and could change the background colors.

    “These dungeons are also not for beginner’s, with the lowest dungeon level requirement being level 35.” How else do you interpret that other than you can’t enter the first dungeon until your character is level 35?

    Our games have become so dumbed down that we only get a total of 8 (EIGHT!!), instanced dungeons for high level players. This is why I only play 1st Edition D&D anymore, people “got” RPGs back then.

    Year after year we put up with raving fanboys who seem incapable of discerning when a game company is bamboozling them. Here it is folks on full display.

  4. No, there are 4 differen versions, but the 3 explorable versions can be played unlimited amount of times. You can only do the storyline version once.

  5. Mike –

    The 3 “versions” are just different “goals and challenges”, whatever that means. It sounds like it’s still the same dungeon with a few different twists.

    Look, if there were literally 32 different dungeons, don’t you think ArenaNet would have come out and said so instead of the “8 dungeons, played 4 different times, divided by 3 plus 2, minus story mode, to the power of 16 = 32!!” BS?

    Besides, no matter how you spin it, 32 dungeons is still a tiny number in -any- game, much less a hugely anticipated MMO. I don’t mind a few “epic” dungeons (as these appear to be), but sheesh, they couldn’t find time to put in some minor dungeons spread out across the game world for players to explore?

    Guess they ran out of time to make their Massively Multiplayer Online Game massive.

  6. Kydad … smh

    *sigh* It’s sad really when someone is so cynical. Although it’s understandable with the way most mmos have gone in past several years.

    I on the other hand have had experience with ArenaNet’s word on things, enough to know what the hell is really going on.

    They’ve mentioned that the story mode can be redone (despite what this article says). That the story mode is the easy version, while the explorable modes have different versions (all of which are higher in difficulty than the story mode, but all of them of the same level). The difference between the different versions would be the objectives, paths, and whatever events are going on when you enter the dungeon. As it’s said that dynamic events are triggered inside dungeons just as they are on the outside of these instances. They’re triggered by many means, and all of this means that each time you go in the dungeon it is like experiencing an entirely new dungeon.

    But to summarize all of this. This article completely botched up the info on dungeons. It didn’t explain things clearly or well at all in my opinion. And you should seriously calm down, instead of acting out like you’re the top dog.

    P.S. Do not take article reviews so seriously. They don’t always get the info right. Much like that PCGamer article mishap about the mention of dungeon DLC stuff which led many to believe false information that they later had to correct.

  7. Oh and in addition to my last comment, I forgot to mention one last thing that this article forgot to mention.

    ArenaNet have said that each dungeon ‘usually’ has AT LEAST 3 explorable versions. This means that some dungeons happen to have far more different twists. AND not all dungeons are underground in this game. Some of these “dungeons” are out in the open on land, and this doesn’t exclude the possibility of a dungeon being underwater.

  8. Lets say for a moment that there are only 8 ‘dungeons’. I’m honestly surprised there are any; they said they wanted to break away from the instanced bs of WoW. They’re trying to make a new type of MMO, and all Kydad here can do is compare it to cookie-cutter MMO’s. Newsflash: GW2 is NOT going to be a dungeon grinding game. It’ll be a dynamic open world experience. They’ve only said that half a billion times. If you want MOAR DUNGEONS!, go play a game that is dungeon based with no dynamic openworld content at all. Enjoy your WoW/everyfreetoplayMMOoutthere.

  9. Magicpants, I’m not entirely surprised at all. lol They mentioned that they wanted to carry all of the things people loved about Gw1 and put it into a large persistent world. Some people actually loved the instances of Gw1, so they had to have use for instances aside from the home instance such as dungeons for personal story.

    The difference being that the “dungeons” in this game retain that category title but are not in the traditional sense of being underground places.

    But yes, just as you say, Gw2 isn’t going to be a dungeon grind game. The experience of dungeons is there for those that love dungeons but it isn’t going to be the thing that will truely be interesting about Gw2.

  10. No offense Kydad, but your points are almost entirely invalid. How is dumbed down having 8 dungeons that you cant start playing at level 35? This means the dungeons will be more challenging and involving than typical MMOs these days and the fact that there are different modes with dynamic events and different difficulty proves that. Not only that, but what do you know about the game? Because dungeons are not the focus of it at all, they are just another great addition to the overall experience. You said you wanted it? I’m confused as to why because based on what you said it seems that the only thing you knew about this game was a picture you saw somewhere and decided it looked cool. Please, go ahead and don’t purchase it because the community will be flooded with fools like you anyways.

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