Guild Wars 2 Large Scale Beta in March!

Guild Wars Insider has posted some fresh new details from NCSoft’s earnings call where it revealed that Guild Wars 2 will be setting up some large scale beta tests in March and April; which will then determine the next step for the game.

Whether these beta tests will be open, or remain closed, has yet to be revealed. However, the “large scale” statement suggest that if it’s not open, there will be plenty of closed beta keys up for grabs.

In March & April there will be large scale testing for GW2; depending on results of testing a finalized commercialization schedule will be determined.

They also confirmed that NCSoft is working on a console version of GW2, which will be released after the PC version.

We stated multiple times in public that we have a small team working on a console version, but that we are fully dedicated to make the most kickass game for PC.

Exciting news for Guild Wars and MMORPG fans a like.


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