Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Details + Trailer

ArenaNet revealed the final Guild Wars 2 class two days ago as the Mesmer and today we have a all the juicy details plus a trailer showcasing just how bad ass this class can be.

The Mesmer class are magical duelist who rely on illusions and powerful mind spells to defeat their enemies. They have two illusion spells, Clones and Phantasms, which create an illusion that can deal damage to the targeted enemy.  Clone is less powerful and an exact clone of the caster while Phantasms illusions carry different weapons dealing more damage.

Mantras are spells that while take a long time to cast, are able to be cast in-between other spells, meaning while your Mantra is charging up, you are able to cast other spells or you can charge it up before a battle.

Confusion and Shattering are the final two spell types. Confusions is a condition spell that damages a target for the activities they do while confused and Shattering allows the Mesmer to destroy an illusion that will then deal damage or cast other effects on early by foes.

For a full break-down of the Mesmer class skills and spells head over to the GW2 website. You can also view the full Guild Wars 2 Mesmer trailer below.


  1. Ive been waiting for GW2 for a while now. None of the class trailers have really impressed me as much as this one. Seeing the classes in person/gameplay vids were much more enticing (especially the Thief). But this one seems to be much better. Maybe it’s just me, or they have gotten better at making them or the Mesmer really appeals to me… I guess it’s just neat to see more than just plain damaging spells even if I still want to play the Thief more.

  2. I think I’d like to see arena net do a game where you KO the enemy, like in Arkham Batman and how you can choose to in some other games like Dues Ex. As I get older, being able to murder just doesn’t seem as cool as it used to.

  3. I played Mesmer in GW2. When I think back to those days, I was always alone in a FIRST PERSON RPG with CO-OP OPTION, with a mmo VIRTUAL LOBBY. It is not an MMORPG.

  4. And the huge difference in play because of that?

    None, really.

    “Aww man, but you could have a hundred people in goldshire cause it’s a mmorpg!”
    “So that happened all the time, did it?”

  5. Buttlord – GW2 is a MMORPG in every sense of the definition, it isnt the same setup as Guild Wars 1, I have every confidence its gonna be great!

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