Hard Drive Melt Down

On Wednesday about a min before calling it a night and going to sleep my hard drive decided to say goodbye. Basically everything started going extremely slow then things started to disappear. At first I thought it was a virus, but soon realized it was my HD. I have 2 HDs, one main and one just for my OS and it happened that the main one that died.

So Thursday I went to BestBuy to see if they could recover anything (which they couldn’t) as well as pick up a new HD and an external HD that I’m using to backup all my stuff (I’ve learned my lesson). Now the good news is that I had a backup of my files on DVDs, however my last backup was 9 months ago.  Ouch!  I ended up losing a lot of pics, music as well as other things. But all my important files were on my OS HD so I lost nothing there. Now, since I had everything installed on my main drive, I still had to reinstall everything which took about a day and I’m now back to about 99% of where I was before the crash.

I knew it was coming too, I could tell by the sound and just kept putting off backing up my stuff, stupid. Anyway, lesson learned.

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  1. we all do it. my raptor just died about 2 months ago and i lost it all. luckly the manager at compUSA was a vivid WoW player and he gave me steal on it. LOL

    i say i will back everything up after that, but i’ve done maybe 1 backup since then. i guess i am just in denial that it will ever happen again.

    hey, you should blame it on EVE! :)

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