Heroes of Might and Magic Online Enters Closed Beta

Have you heard of Heroes of Might and Magic? Yes, I’m talking about the classic turn-based strategy game owned by Ubisoft. Well, while we have always had the multiplayer option in any HoMM game, something was missing. An MMORPG, perhaps? Well, worry no more. Thanks to TQ Digital and Ubisoft we’re getting that, too. The game was originally released in the Chinese market and was well received. The international version of Heroes of Might and Magic Online has entered its closed beta phase, which means that we’re one step closer to actually playing the MMORPG based on the legendary franchise. More information on Heroes of Might and Magic Online is available here.


  1. Would like to try this one out but it looks like the game is only compatible up to windows xp. Unless I missed something and please let me know if I did.

  2. I don’t think it should be a problem if you have Windows Vista/ 7. It should still work fine, even IF you have to change the settings in “Program Compatibility” section. Windows Vista/ 7 have that working very well compared to XP.

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