Hours in queue; No World vs World

The last Guild Wars 2 beta weekend is about to end and at least for me it was a complete disaster and waste of time.

Late Saturday night (actually early Sunday morning), about 1am EST was the first chance I had to even log into the game and within 10 seconds of logging in a server¬†maintenance¬†message saying World vs World was going to be taken offline went up. I did some PvE and got to level 4 when another message came up saying it was back online. Of course I was excited and immediately went to join World vs World when I was hit with a “World vs World is full” message, asking me if I wanted to join the queue, which I obviously did. Hard to believe that I didn’t get in when I literally tried to join within 5 seconds of the message. An hour and a half later, I was still waiting in the queue and at 3:30 am EST I finally gave up. During that time I tried multiple times to log into WvW, incase the full message was an error, but no luck.

Today was no better when I logged in late afternoon around 6:30pm EST and got the same WvW is full message and waited in queue for another hour and a half and still couldn’t get in.

Now I know the beta was packed, every single server had a “High” server load when I logged in today, but these queue times are not acceptable. At least give an estimate wait time or something.

I certainly ¬†hope this is not going to happen when the game launches next month as I have zero interest in PvE and the only reason I’m playing GW2 for its World vs World PvP. My confidence in ArenaNet has been a bit shaken after this beta weekend, but hopefully they can make it up next month with a smooth launch.



  1. I didnt have any problems getting in the 2 time i tried —– there were queues but i waited 30 mins and 45mins, a bit of a wait but not unexpected.

    I was logging into GW at about 8pm GMT.

  2. Strange… I didn’t face any problems. It’s annoying that this happened to you. Especially since it was your first experience. Anyway I think you can rest assured that this wont be a problem at launch. The point of (real) beta testing is to identify and eliminate these sort of issues. Unfortunately these days beta is expected to be almost equivalent to a final product due to all the companies who label their finished games as beta in order to keep them interesting to the public. Once games launch they tend to go off the radar so to speak unless they deliver real original content.
    Please post an update after launch to compare your experience. I for one would be happy to hear if it improved for you.

  3. Unfortunatly this is quite common. I recently beta tested the world of warcraft mists of panderia without a hitch but i’ve read about many people having all kinds of problems with it.

    The biggest problem I think is that the people beta testing these games are not reporting the problems that they find. The Diablo 3 game has found to have many problems getting from the inferno level to the hell level of play. You would think that would have been caught in the beta testing stage.

  4. What sever were you trying to que from, and did you try to que for all the areas in the mists? My understanding there was 4 ques simultaneously. I played on Sorrows furnace, on friday, all day. Then to Anvil Rock to play with some friends from saturday up until the last seconds on sunday night. The ques for me were no longer than 5 minutes for world pvp. I was a little set back myself because of the delays and the que system in general for world pvp (making it seem instanced =/ ) but watching my friend play for hours, me playing for hours and hours, getting some good video http://www.youtube.com/user/glant2005?feature=mhee , 1-10 are of me pvping as a few different classes and different situations. Long story short i’m a fan of your site and i too am only playing guild wars 2 for its world pvp (even though its pve looks fun); but from my experience over this last weekend ir blew my expectations away with how smooth everything went. I was playing during that wvw delay experience you mentioned, even at that same time, and the world pvp never even went down for us, even when they had mentioned it. It was nothing but pure awesomeness from my weekend perspective and i seriously tip my hat to arena-net at this point. I talk to my friends TOO much about guild wars, been waiting for years i feel like, and this weekend managed to blow those expectations out of the water. In one of the posts they said they even limited the servers (how many servers) just to see how they could handle it. So hopefully they will be able to do away with the que system based on how they manage the servers. Either way i cant wait to play it, and my message to you is have hope! It will work! =)

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