How to turn off Auto-Skill and Auto-Purchase in SMITE

This feature is a MOBA player’s best friend, while also being an advanced players arch-nemesis.

Every so often, during a patch, these two features turn themselves back on, and people forget how, or where, they turn off Auto-Skill and Auto-Purchase.

At the god selection screen for matches, you can find the two check boxes right next to the “Lock In” button (as shown below).

After the cut, you can find out how to turn off the features if you ran out of time in the god selection screen, for reasons such as… trying to find a good team composition.

If you hit (default) “K”, you will open up your skills pane, that allows you to view all the details about your abilities. At the bottom, if you have Auto-Skill on, there will be a button to disabled it:

Now, in order to turn off Auto-Purchase, you have to hit (default) I. This will bring up the Item Store, and the button to turn off Auto-Purchase can be found at the bottom right hand corner. Clicking this will enable manual purchase, and the button will be replaced with “Purchase” for when you have items selected.

I hope this helps you players out there capable of going into matches without these enabled! I had to throw a game to catch these screenshots. I mean… who the heck buys Vampiric Shroud over Doom Orb to start Middle Lane Ao Kuang?!

See you on the battlefield of the Gods, LoreHounds!


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