How To – Volazj’s Quick Demise

After another mini-vacation from my video making, I return with a video that I had to dust off from the far reaches of the databases on my hard-drive.  In this, my same group of friends attempt to do Volazj’s Quick Demise – meaning, kill the last boss ASAP.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes out during the video, and elsewhere, for our Easter Eggs to send in the Cataclysm Countdown Contest. Some epic pieces of loot will be at stake, so keep track of what you find like Smaug does his gold — It just might help you later…


  1. I don’t consider your voice to be a problem, not everyone has Brk’s voice. Vid seems like a good start, didn’t really find much wrong but it was a short vid. I have watched most of your vids; this is more along the lines of what I would like to see you do, rather than like to see you improve; so take it as you will. With Wrath coming to a close and Cata creeping at our door steps, I noticed with Wrath the one thing that was missing the most was a five man video guide. Now I am not asking for a PL set up, not at all. But I would like to see specifically you venture in that area, you voice is good for how to guides, me personally on a how to guide do not want to be distracted by the guide authors voice. I like seeing with this vid you venturing out on more in that direction.

    Good: Going over the abilities, disclaimer defiantly important. I.e. sec 51-54

    Bad: Not too much, would like to see some icons of boss abilities or descriptions on screen as you go over them. Mabel a trimmed up UI for less distraction and more site (but that is just me)

    Advice: Play around a little with editing, maybe a custom UI. Always do a disclaimer, that is a good habit to get into. Otherwise you will get flooded with people saying that you’re wrong. Sadly this day and age disclaimers are almost as important as content in the video.

  2. Well Alphadoom has some great points, and I probably wouldn’t have gave so much great input, but I like how it’s pretty simple and the good quality

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