I Finally Did It – Back to LOTRO

After contemplating going back to LOTRO for sometime now and learning that Age of Conan was pushed back another 2 months, today I went and reactivated my LOTRO account. I’m currently installing the game, as I had a HD failure 3 months ago and lost all my stuff.

For anyone that plays, I’m on the Windfola server under the name of Omicronn. I have a lev 50 Elf Hunter. Not sure what I’m going to do when I login. I’ll probably hookup with my old guild and see what there up to. Then I’ll check out the PvP situation to see if they added anything worthwhile. I noticed they added another Book to the storyline, so I’ll definitely do that. But aside from that, I’m hoping I don’t get bored.

Anyway if your on Windfola, feel free to say hi.


  1. What is the story on the Windfola server? Is it RP? High population? Low population? I picked Landroval ’cause it’s rp even though I’m not big into rp at least I know that a fair number of people on the server are going to be into the game, and I like that.

  2. I haven’t been on the server in almost 5 months, but when I was on the population was med/high. I’ve been download the updates since I posted this around 4 hrs ago and am a little more than 1/2 way.

    I wasn’t very into RP (roleplaying) and didn’t really notice much of it on this server, however that could also have changed by now.

    I’ll make a post in a few days once I’ve gotten some game time in.

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