Instance Gratification: DDO Episode 2 – Ding!

Join iTZKooPA and an increased troop of heroes as they return to Korthos Island to mop up the last few adventures before heading into the wilds of Stormreach.  Episode 2 was filled with a round robin of characters, maxing out at a full (unbalanced) group of six players.  We are still in need of a dedicated tank.

Thanks to the XP Bonus event, and some tasty 20% XP multipliers, most of the group hit or are about to hit level 3.  Due to the complexity of leveling (and ranking) in Dungeons and Dragons Online, iTZKooPA closes the video with a recap of the unique process.

Episode 3 will once again happen on Sunday, and is currently scheduled for an 11:00 AM EST start time on the Khyber server.  Please be sure to complete the tutorial area and dungeon before go time.  We’ll be clearing that last two dungeons on Korthos Island before we head off to Stormreach for the real challenges.  Supplies of DDO Point cards are now limited, but still available to those that attend!

Prospective attendees should drop a line below so we can gauge the expected attendance.  Include your class if you’ve already decided upon one.  I currently have a warforged cleric (iTZKooPA) and a halfling bard (iTZKHuPA).

Hope to see you there!  How do you like the new name?!


  1. I thought I’d try downloading DDO, but after twice freezing my computer, I decided against it. After reading some of the material, it also looks like it’s very much a Microtrans game and I just can’t get into that. Gimmie my WoW anyday of the week lol

  2. Really? I haven’t bought a damn thing yet, and the only thing I might are the content/adventure packs, and considering there’s no up-front cost or monthly fee, that’s not so bad.

    I’m not really into paying for XP boosts and things like that, makes me feel like less of a gamer. :(

  3. @Highwayman
    Where did you get that impression from? Sure, there’s a lot of stuff that you can buy for various reasons – leveling up quicker, or having a ton of alts – but most of the group hasn’t spent a dime on the game. The only people who have spent money on DDO in our sessions did it years ago.

    Keep trying to get it working, we’d love to have you on board.

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