Introducing Nadirim, a new F2P browser RPG from Digital Reality & WebFunTeam

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Web-based browser games have recently had a growing appeal amongst MMO gamers. For good reason, too; the mobility of the gaming platform provides for a more flexible and accessible gaming experience. Into the ring steps Nadirim, a free-to-play RPG set in the backdrop of the Arabian Nights, which seems to offer everything a modern MMO gamer would desire.

For the action-oriented player, Nadirim provides compelling turn-based combat in the form of PvE progression and meaningful PvP arena battles. Solo, group, and guild quests are all on the table here, as Digital Reality and WebFunTeam aim to impress. Take to the battlefield as one of five unique classes (each with two unique talent trees): Warrior, Sage, Nomad, Ruffian, and Caravan Master. Tradeskill buffs should also have something to look forward to, including an extensive crafting and trade system, and the ability to produce a wide variety of magical items.

Lastly, it is worth noting that Digital Reality and WebFunTeam are making an effort to tap into the social media sphere by allowing players to share their progress and adventures with their friends.

Venture forth as a humble citizen of the Empire of the Eternal Sun, and grow into your true potential as you protect your kingdom from the ominous Lord of the Void, who feeds upon the waning faith of your people. Your destiny will be revealed to you in a series of quests and challenges, facilitated both by computer AI, and fellow citizens. Keep an eye out for Nadirim, which is set to land in Fall 2010.

Meanwhile, sign up for the beta at the official website.

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