It’s Showtime: Your Favorite Gaming and Pop Characters Battle It Out

Have you ever had an innocent thought that goes something like: “Hmm, I wonder what would happen if Master Chief went up against Dante or Kratos?” How about witnessing a Mario vs. Pacman showdown? Yeah, me too.

At times, we all wonder what would happen if some of the legendary icons of gaming decided to stop saving the world for a second and had an Mortal Kombat-style tournament. Luckily, our curiosity may at last be satisfied!

Tvigle, a Russian portal centered around animation, has been producing a series of cartoons that pits characters from various games, films and even fairy tales against each other in short, stylish matches with hilarious consequences. The cartoons certainly have their own charm, from bizarre pairings (Tetris vs. Contra, anyone?) and cutely misspelled names, to simple yet effective visuals. Check it out:

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