Catching Up With Perfect World Entertainment

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The developers and publicists at Perfect World Entertainment sure know how to keep a journalist busy! With three well-established MMOs under their belts, and a fourth in beta, PWE has proven itself a productive and innovative entity. While building momentum in their current arsenal of MMOs, the company has been lighting a fire under their newest, Heroes of Three Kingdoms. In many ways, HoTK is a reflection of PWE’s experience with their flagship MMO, Perfect World International, as well as the top-down MMO, Battle of the Immortals.

Perfect World Entertainment has something planned for everybody, with PvP tournaments, Developer Diaries, new dungeons, etc. Here is a synopsis of PWE’s latest endeavors:

  • Heroes of Three Kingdoms Open Beta Launch (Tuesday, July 27th – sign up here)
  • HoTK Developer Diary
  • HoTK Machinima
  • Jade Dynasty Int’l PvP Tourney
  • Battle of the Immortals “Shadow Manor” Preview

PWE will be keeping us in the loop with updates on Perfect World International and Jade Dynasty in the coming weeks and months.