King of Kings 3 Second CBT Announced

Well on its way to final release, King of Kings 3 has opened once again in its second closed beta test.  As of August 23rd, everyone who had already participated in the first closed beta can log in with their existing characters.

Gamigo, the German publisher and developer of KK3, will also be activating many new accounts for players who had signed up for the original beta but had yet to be accepted.

King of Kings 3 is a fantasy-themed MMO focused on Player versus Player (PvP) and Realm versus Realm (RvR) action.  King of Kings 3 centers around a war-torn kingdom that has been fragmented after many centuries of battle and bloodshed.  Create guilds and legions with your friends as you step up to take the throne and restore the Kingdom to order.

The game offers many other aspects other than just combat, such as a guild level system as well as house and town construction, facilitated by guild progression and teamwork.

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As your guilds and alliances grow, more benefits are offered to the players and territory is gained by conquering villages and kingdoms.  With these victories come the spoils: increased wealth and passive buffs given to all associated with the governing faction.  In addition to this, players can custom-build their own houses and fortresses for your guild, complete with their own passive buffs offered by said constructs.

King of Kings 3 is a game that rewards ambition and passion as you conquer and absorb a kingdom, and then remake it in your own image.  This game would appeal to anyone with a megalomania complex and a never-ceasing desire to prove themselves worthy in the eyes of others .